Top 25 Must-Have Windows Apps and Software for Your New PC!

Essentials Collection of Must Have Software For Windows.

Although Microsoft’s Windows comes with up-to-date features and pre-installed software. In spite of that, we still have to look out for some additional software. There are dozens of Windows software out there. If you just bought a new PC or looking to try some new software, here is the list of the Top 25 must-have Windows software in no particular order.

Top 25 Must-Have Software For Windows

  1. Notepad++:

    Credit: Don Ho
    Default Notepad on Windows is terrible. Instead, you can use Notepad++. It is a free, open-source text editor. Notepad++ comes with Solid Standard Features. It supports more than 50 programming, scripting and markup languages and includes syntax highlighting and code folding functions. The user-Interface is fully Customizable.
    Then there is the search and replace functionality, line operations and loads of plugin support. You can download it Here.

  2. Gimp:

    Credit: GIMP Development Team
    GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the best photo-editor which was originally created for Linux. Gimp is a free and open-source alternative to photoshop. By no means it lacks features because of the free price tag, actually, it packs enough features to rival Adobe Photoshop. You can download it here.

  3.  VLC Media Player:

    VLC media player
    Credit: VideoLAN
    VLC Media Player is one of the most popular video players today. It is an open-source multimedia player and framework that is capable of playing a wide variety of audio and video formats. moreover, it is also highly customizable, with support for extensions and skins, and it can perform streaming, transcoding, and recording tasks with ease. You can download it here.

  4.  Firefox:

    Credit: Mozilla
    If you are looking for a privacy-oriented browser then Firefox is a free and open-source web browser. It is known for its privacy features, customizability, and support for a large number of extensions and plugins. Firefox has a strong focus on security and privacy, and regularly releases updates to address security vulnerabilities. Lastly, it is one of the few last remaining browsers that are not Chromium-based. It is based on Gecko Engine developed by Mozilla, which is known to be fighting for the open internet. You can download it here.

  5.  ShareX:

    Credit: Jaex and Michael Delpach
    ShareX is a free and open-source program screen-shot software. It is an alternative to Windows’ Snipping Tool which is really just basic. ShareX offers screen capture options such as full screen, window, region, scrolling capture, and more. You can choose to hide the cursor in screenshots and set up a timer to delay capture. You can also record display activity as a video or animated GIF or even use OCR on text. You can download it here.

  6. 7-Zip:

    Credit: Igor Pavlov
    7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver software program. It is capable of compressing and decompressing a wide variety of archive file formats, including ZIP, RAR, TAR, and its own 7z format, which is known for its high compression ratio. 7-Zip also includes a file manager that allows you to view and extract the contents of archives without the need to extract the entire archive. It is an open-source alternative to proprietary software such as WinZip or WinRAR. You can download it here.

  7. ClipClip:

    Credit: Clipclip
    ClipClip is a free clipboard manager for Windows that keeps a history of all copied items, allowing for easy access and organization. It adds an icon to the system tray for accessing the clipboard history, and supports searching, categorizing, and setting hotkeys for frequently used items. You can download it here.

  8. CPU-Z:

    Credit: CPUID
    CPU-Z is a free tool for Windows that provides detailed information about a computer’s hardware components, including the processor, mainboard, memory, and graphics card. It helps monitor performance, troubleshoot hardware problems, and obtain specifications for upgrading or purchasing new hardware. You can download it here.

  9. EarTrumpet:

    Credit: Riverar
    EarTrumpet is a free volume control app for Windows that separates volume levels for different apps and system sounds, making it easy to adjust them quickly. It adds an icon to the system tray for access and includes features such as hotkeys, live volume previews, and an intuitive interface. It helps Windows users streamline and efficiently manage volume levels for different apps. You can download it here.

  10. Plex:

    Credit: Plex Inc.
    Plex is a media server software that lets you organize and stream your digital media collection to any device. It uses a user-friendly interface, automatically adds metadata, and supports a wide range of media formats. It also offers premium features such as access to a large content library and cloud storage and sync. Whether you’re a casual or serious media collector this app can be great for you. You can download it here.

  11. Spotify:

    Credit: Spotify
    Spotify is now available on Windows! It is a popular digital music streaming service that offers users access to a vast library of songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts. It allows for ad-supported or ad-free listening, and offline playback, and has social features such as sharing playlists and connecting with friends. Spotify also offers a range of other audio content including podcasts, live audio, and video content.
    You can download it here.

  12. Steam:

    Credit: Steam
    Steam is the most popular and one of the largest platforms for video games developed by Valve Corporation. It offers a large library of games, including old and new titles, that can be purchased and downloaded to a computer. Steam provides features such as multiplayer gaming, video streaming, and social networking. It offers a user-friendly interface, automatic game updates, and regular sales and discounts on games. You can download here.

  13. Discord:

    Credit: Discord
    Discord is a free and secure communication platform designed for gamers, but is also used by communities and businesses for various purposes. It offers a range of features including voice and text chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. Discord also has a highly customizable user interface, including the ability to change themes and add custom emotes. You can download it here.

  14. Davinci Resolve:

    Danvinci resolve
    Credit: Blackmagic Design
    DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing software that is widely used in the film and television industry. It offers a range of tools for editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio post-production, making it a complete post-production solution for professionals. The best thing about this software is that its base version is available for free. You can download it here.

  15. WizTree:

    Credit: Antibody Software Limited
    WizTree is a disk space analyzer for Windows that allows you to scan your hard drive and display a visual representation of which files and folders are using up the most disk space. It is a fast and efficient tool that provides an easy-to-use interface for analyzing disk space usage on your computer. It also provides a range of customization options, such as the ability to exclude certain file types or folders from the scan. You can download it here.

  16. Everything:

    Credit: Voidtools
    Everything is a free search tool for Windows that provides instant search results for files and folders on your computer. It indexes all the files and folders on your hard drive, allowing you to search for them by name, type, or other criteria.

    With Everything, you can search for files almost instantly, as the results are displayed as you type. It also provides advanced search options, such as the ability to search for files based on their size, date modification, and more.
    You can download it here.

  17. Teamviewer:

    Credit: Teamviewer
    TeamViewer is a remote control software that allows you to access and control another computer or device from a remote location. It also provides a range of other features, such as file transfer, screen sharing, and the ability to conduct online meetings. It is a reliable and secure solution that uses encryption to protect your data during remote sessions. You can download it here.

  18. Obsidian:

    If you don’t mind a bit of a learning curve then Obsidian is a free and open-source note-taking app that allows you to organize and manage your notes in a simple and efficient manner. Obsidian is built around the idea of linked notes, where each note is a separate file that can be linked to other notes in the app.

    This allows you to build a network of interconnected notes that can be easily accessed and searched. One of the strengths of Obsidian is its markdown support, which allows you to format your notes using a simple syntax. This makes it easy to create well-formatted notes and add images, links, and other multimedia content to your notes. You can download it here.

  19. Visual Studio Code:

    Visual studio code
    Credit: Microsoft
    Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a free, open-source, and cross-platform code editor developed by Microsoft. It is designed to be a lightweight and fast code editor. VSCode supports a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, C++, and many others.

    It provides features such as code highlighting, code completion, and debugging, which can help you write code more efficiently. VSCode also supports extensions, which allow you to add new features to the editor and customize it to your needs. You can download it here.

  20. OBS Studio:

    OBS Studio
    Credit: Open Broadcaster Software
    OBS Studio (Open Broadcasting Software) is a free and open-source software program for video recording and live streaming. It is widely used by game streamers, content creators, and businesses for capturing and broadcasting video content. OBS Studio provides a range of features for recording and streaming, including scene switching, audio mixing, and advanced video effects. It also supports a variety of sources, such as cameras, microphones, and desktop capture, so you can easily capture and broadcast a wide range of content. You can download it here.

  21. Zoom:

    Credit: Zoom Video Communications
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of Zoom has skyrocketed as remote work and virtual communication have become increasingly common. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that enables remote communication and collaboration. It allows users to participate in virtual meetings, webinars, and video chat sessions, and it is available for desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

    Zoom provides high-quality video and audio, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to start and join meetings. Some of its key features include screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds, as well as real-time text chat and the ability to mute and turn off video for participants. You can download it here.

  22. Adobe Acrobat Reader:

    Adobe arcobot
    Credit: Adobe
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software application developed by Adobe Systems. It is a widely used PDF (Portable Document Format) reader that enables users to view, print, and annotate PDF files. it is designed to provide users with a high-quality and user-friendly experience for viewing and working with PDF files.

    In addition to basic features such as zooming, scrolling, and text search, Adobe Acrobat Reader also includes advanced features such as form filling, signature creation and verification, and commenting and markup. You can download it here.

  23. Todoist:

    Credit: Doist
    Todoist is a popular task and project management tool designed for individuals, teams, and businesses. It is available as a web app, mobile app, and desktop app, and it helps users organize, prioritize, and track their tasks and projects. With Todoist, you can create tasks, set due dates, and organize them into projects.

    The app features a powerful task and project management system that helps users prioritize their tasks and stay on top of their to-do lists. It also includes a calendar view, collaboration features, and the ability to set reminders and notifications. You can download it here.

  24. qBittorrent:

    Credit: qBittorent
    qBittorrent is a free and open-source BitTorrent client that is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface. It supports all major operating systems and provides advanced control over download and upload speeds, IP filters, and the management of torrent files.

    qBittorrent is known for its high performance and low system resource usage and supports plugins and extensions for added functionality. You can download it here.

  25. Proton VPN:

    Proton vpn
    Credit: Proton VPN
    ProtonVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provided by Proton Technologies AG, the company behind the encrypted email service ProtonMail. It offers a range of features, including a no-log policy, secure core architecture, and support for multiple protocols. It is known to regulate under Swiss Data-Protection privacy laws. You can download it here.

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Top 25 Must-Have Windows Apps and Software for Your New PC!

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