Top 4 Innovative Startups that are leading the AI & Coding battle in India!

Are these the best ones?

India, being the fastest growing economy with more than 50% of its population below the age of 25, has a significant stake in the AI and coding revolution across the globe. Technology disruptions like AI and coding are once-in-a-generation phenomenon, and hence large-scale adoption strategies, especially in schools, need to strike a balance between narrow definitions of financial impact and the greater good. The adoption of technology in education is growing at an exponential pace post-pandemic. In order to keep up with this mass adoption of digital transformation, students must leverage remote self-learning platforms providing AI and coding technology education.

Here the top 4 EdTech startups that are offering customised AI & coding courses to sharpen logical & analytical thinking skills:

  • CoderBunnyz

CoderBunnyz is all about teaching coding and AI to young kids while engaging in fun games. Samaira Mehta, the young founder has created a game that helps children learn coding, computer programming, and AI skills in an easy, fun manner. Her love of computer programming and board games led her to bring computer coding to a board game. CoderMindz, is reportedly the first-ever AI board game that engages a kid while helping them learn coding.

  • StayQrious

Stayqrious – a revolutionary online learning platform for students focussed on STEM foundations, technology and 21st century skills. The company’s unique hybrid learning model combines content from India’s top instructors with small group classes led by Learning Coaches. Founded by top veterans from Byju’s and Khan Academy, StayQrious is led by a team dedicated to revolutionizing learning outcomes, engaged social learning and 21st century readiness for students across the globe. The aim is to be the most learner-centric company in the world, creating millions of happy, independent learners for life. At the beginner level – students learn all the core programming concepts like sequences, loops, variables, conditionals, sprites, events, functions, for loops, while loops by building games / STEM projects.

  • CodeMonkey

Providing a fun and educational game-based environment, CodeMonkey helps kids learn and understand code without any prior knowledge. It provides resources for students of various grades that help them not only learn coding basics but also how to code in real programming. It helps them navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. It has various programs such as self-guided challenges, learning real-coding languages, and game-based learning for kids to learn.

  • DcodeAI

DcodeAI offers interactive DIY Artificial Intelligence learning pathways by making the next generation of learners equipped with AI without having even a coding background. With the focus on low code/no-code tools and using AI to make the learning of AI concepts and fundamentals easy, intuitive and personalized, even those without any coding background can start to learn and implement AI models. With a vision to equip the next generation of learners with AI skills, without having a formal coding background, DcodeAI aims to democratize AI learning among primary and secondary level students across 10,000+ schools that are currently part of its network. These learning programs are suitable for students who want to learn about developing Chatbots, Image Recognition Models, as well as Voice Recognition-based Bots and Home Automation Systems.

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Top 4 Innovative Startups that are leading the AI & Coding battle in India!

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