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The top 5 branding lessons from The Mufflerman


So, while I write this post the election verdict of the Delhi elections is out and the Aam Aadmi Party has won by a historic majority. This win is something that can be attributed to a lot of factors like the anti-incumbency movement, the negative propaganda by rival party BJP and a lot more but at the end of the day this win is more due to the connect that the Aam Aadmi Party has with masses rather than other factors. So what has Arvind Kejriwal and AAP done right that we bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers etc. need to emulate in order to have the same results in our lives?

Top 5 branding lessons from The Mufflerman

  1. Always be humble. AAP workers and top leadership knew that a major win was coming their way but they never lost their humility. They were always ready to accept their faults if any and didn’t come across as haughty or arrogant to anyone. And sometimes simple is better. The Simple message #5saalkejriwaal did more to boost AAP’s PR than BJP’s whole state wide rallies and adverts!
  2. Be genuine, and communicate your message to the core audience on a personal one on one level. Your audience is human and can feel and analyse, never underestimate them. AAP leadership as well as people in their team never raised themselves above people and always stated their missions as well as plans for Delhi in clear cut language without twisting any words to terminologies.
  3. You are only as good as the work you do, hype can’t be sustained for long! That’s one message that AAP has drove home. Their 49 days of power weren’t the best days of the capital but they had really set the tone for what this new party could do had it stayed on any longer. And this is one of the basic reasons that people have voted for AAP in majority.
    The top 5 branding lessons from The Mufflerman aam aadmi party
  4. Embrace technology and make the most of it. AAP candidates, their workers, top leadership and everyone embraced technology to the fullest and used social media to connect with everyone on a one on one basis and this led to the consolidation of their vote base. They made sure that by staying updated with the technology and interacting with the youth on the platforms they use they would be able to bring their message across clearly.
  5. Branding requires consistency. By selectively promoting their symbol the humble “broomstick” they were able to create a consistent brand image across Delhi. Even the AAP campaign slogan i.e. “5 saal Kejriwal” was consistently used everywhere along with their party symbol which was present everywhere on their caps, posters and even in the hands of the party supporters and workers. This type of consistent branding makes sure that the audiences remember you for a really long time. The connect with the “Aam Aadmi” i.e. the common man was due to all of these factors that AAP made sure they got right and a lot can be said and done but these basics really put their message in the minds of the voters.

The top 5 branding lessons from The Mufflerman

So that was all for today folks, stay inspired to rise and remember now it’s #5SAALKEJRIWAL here in the Indian capital for sure!

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