Top Facts of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) For Every Legendary Fan

March had been the most anticipated month for How I met your Mother Fans (HIMYM),being the month in which the Finale occured.Its been a month over now after the finale but the social networking sites like instagram and twitter are still filled with HIMYM quotes, images and wishes to the cast. So let’s bring to you the Top facts of How I met your mother.

Over here to at Inspire2rise too we are too celebrating this sitcom’s finale and present you some of the facts or things you might have missed! These are the collection of facts accumulated from various sources.

Top Facts of How I Met Your Mother season finale

Top Facts of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) : The List.

WARNING:- This Post contains SPOILERS.So if you have not completed watching the series.You might Not like this Post.But i urge you to read on as This post is going to be Legendary like this series was!


So Let The Showdown Begin and enter the world of Ted Mosby Again! But Of course in a flashback!

  • Lily (Alyson) while doing shots for Season 4 was pregnant Actually! and so does our beloved Robin
  • Ted is allergic to Dogs!
  • Bro Code is creation of barney Only and You can buy The Bro Code in Flipkart Too! (I have purchased it too! )
  • 5 Books have been Published with the relation to This sitcom
  • Can you Guess for How many Episodes Barney had to wear Duckie Tie? … Any Guesses?  its 11 Episodes

Common Facts huh? well There are more than these! Carry on Reading!

  1. Scooter is married to Barney in real Life!
  2. Like in the series its told that Ted is from Ohio, but in real life too he is from Ohio.
  3. The last scene of the series was shot years ago only when this series started!
  4. The Drawing Room where Ted is telling the story is Different in Episode 1,Pilot then in any other episodes

The Facts are getting more awesome! Lets move on to other set of Facts! By the way did you know that The Real PlayBook Exists! and some people in India have failed to make its tricks successful!

Anyways coming back to the next Set! 😀

  • The Mother’s name that is Tracy was already Told! yes! its true! remember when at a bar Ted Meets a bar girl called Tracy? 😛
  • The Pineapple mystery is still a Mystery! even after the show has finished!
  • The Creators of HIMYM are now producing “How I Met your Father” next with different Cast
  • Guys you know Gary Blauman?? Yeah the One who came up for one episode in season 9. He is the real husband of Robin (Cobie Smoulders).
  • Okay. This one i found on a blog comments but it’s worth to note!

    “In the episode in season 9 where Ted and the mother are at the Farhampton Inn and she says “what mother would miss her daughter’s wedding” it’s not clear whether this is a dream or weather Ted went there alone and is talking to himself. It would be nice if that was cleared up too!”

  • Playbook is never Destroyed 😉 But the question is how come it is not when in season 8 end it was burnt by Ted’s Last Girlfriend,

and Here is one Surprise! I have got a infographic for you which is more awesome ( I got it from another blog but its worth mentioning here). All credits goes to its creator.

Top Facts of How I Met Your Mother infographic


I hope you Liked my these facts.I know many of you guys might have known most but these are the notable facts which should have been mentioned in this post! Have you got any fact or any question? Just add to this Info through your valuable comments because

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Top Facts of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) For Every Legendary Fan

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