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Top Rockstar Memes for filmy fans of Ranbir Kapoor [Memes]

The film Rockstar (2011) starring Ranbir Kapoor was a cult film which generated a massive fan following. The film was praised for it’s unique music, awesome songs and top class acting by Ranbir Kapoor. The film was also Shammi Kapoor’s last film, and the legend died shortly after the film’s shooting was completed. The film had music by A.R Rahman and was directed by Imtiaz Ali. People loved the character of Janardan Jhakaad, the young man from Delhi who didn’t even knew what love was, and had raw musical talent. The film established Ranbir Kapoor as a superstar. Mohit Chauhan who sang most of the songs of the film also got a much needed revival to his musical career. The film had a sufi touch in it, as the protagonist goes through a lot of pain and suffering to become what he is! Today we bring to you Top Rockstar Memes to refresh your memories of a great film with great soul.

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This scene is shown just after Jordan breaks into Heer's house to wish her bye, for the last time!
Mr. Dhingra is a man who can stoop down to any level for his profits, as is shown by this remark of his!
A playful moment between Jordan and Heer when he gets to know her real side and fantasies!
Jordan underestimating Heer and describing her as neat and clean! 😛
J.J blowing up the contract on Dhingra after tearing it to pieces! Notice the intense Sanskritization of the verses! :v
J.J finally finds the girl who can break his heart and help him unleash his musical talent!
Mr. Dhingra explaining how everything is superficial and only the brand sells in the market, no one listens to the music. A sad but painful truth!
J.J going all gung ho on Heer and proposing her without even knowing her! 😛
The policeman beating up J.J after he is found singing like a jackass on a bus stop! 😛
Ho gaya kaam tum sab ka, main jaaun? J.J shows his disappointment and disgust in his college friend who now only thinks of him as something to be used, and none of the guests treat him as a fellow human being!more
Khatana bhai giving the guru gyaan to J.J explaining to him how only true love or pain can bring out his musical talent!
J.J explaining to Khatana bhai about how he feels all the time and how despite of having everything he's still in pain!
The essence of the whole film, in one song, which shows how the words always destroy what the person wishes to say!
Jordan saying to his audience in parallelisms about the loss of jungles and the natural fauna, which actually means the happiness that he has lost because of the shallow materialistic world!
Mandy, Heer's sister curses him as he goes on after seeing Heer slip into a coma!
Mere paas aur kuch nahi hai Khatana bhai, mujhe nahi ban na bada! One dialogue which shows how the character just wants to be with the one he loves!
One of the most sensual and best songs in the film, Aur ho, where the protagonist describes his helplessness and burning desire to be with the love of his life! A beautiful blend of passion and pity!
The youth anthem which swept the charts when it came, Sadda haq, aithe rakh means give to me right now what is rightfully mine!
Shiddat honi chahiye! Khatana bhai explaining how small things seem trivial to those in true love who are always lost in passion!
A hilarious moment in the film when the guys from Platinum Studio try to make JJ sing according to their fancies but he's a different beast altogether!
An iconic dialogue by the Late legened Shammi Kapoor sahab, where he states that Jordan is not just another musician but someone who will create his own world through his music!

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