Most Downloaded Top Ten Apps of 2022!

The top ten list of global app downloads in 2022 is here: TikTok tops the list with 672 million downloads!

News on January 16: “Forbes” quoted statistics released by market research agency Apptopia in its latest article, reporting the top ten list of global app downloads in 2022. Among them, TikTok topped the list with 672 million downloads, while CapCut, a video editing software, ranked fourth with 357 million downloads.

Top Ten Downloaded Apps in 2022

Here’s the top ten list of global app downloads in 2022:
    • TikTok: 672 million downloads
    • Instagram: 548 million downloads
    • WhatsApp: 424 million downloads
    • CapCut: 357 million downloads
    • Snapchat: 330 million downloads
    • Telegram: 310 million downloads
    • Subway Surfers: 304 million downloads
    • Facebook: 298 million downloads
    • Stumble Guys: 254 million downloads
    • Spotify: 238 million downloads

top ten most downloaded apps of 2022

According to the published list, downloads of the Facebook app have seen a significant drop. However, the social applications Instagram and WhatsApp under the Meta company have performed well, so they performed well overall.

Unlike the 2021 list, two games, Subway Surfers and Stumble Guys, performed strongly on the list. Swedish audio streaming service Spotify came in at No. 10 with 238 million downloads worldwide.

So guys do you think this a sign towards the further decline of Facebook and is there still space for any other music app to break Spotify‘s lead? Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below! Feel free to turn on our push notifications for more timely tech news!

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Most Downloaded Top Ten Apps of 2022!

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