Top ten iphone 5s rumours analyzed

The iPhone has always been a hot product. Rumour mongers are always hard at work dissecting each and every bit of information available. So here we bring you a complete roundup of all the top ten iPhone 5s rumours doing the rounds of the web. All though some of them may seem to be in your face, too loud to be true. We expect you to bear with us! 😀

Top ten iPhone 5s rumours analysed.

1.) Ultra large iPhone math .

iphone 5s rumours - iphone math

Lots of rumours and speculations have been doing the rounds about an iPhone which will give competition to the phablets like Samsung Galaxy Note.
A release is expected in early 2014 of a phone having an ultra HD 13 mega pixel camera, a giant 5 inch retina+ screen, and Lord knows what more.

Source for the iPhone math rumour : Apple preparing iPhone math .

2.) Ultra mini iPhone .

Rumours have been spreading about an iPhone which is even smaller than its counterparts. Although it’s the worst of all the rumours. But still, if its something to do with the iPhone it is possible. Because Apple as a company has a penchant for doing amazing innovation.

3.) More longer iPhone.

Now enough of those Samsung Vs. iPhone trolls. Seriously how much long can the iPhone get.

iphone 5s rumours iphone troll

4.) Cheaper iPhone .

Well this seems to be the most credible rumour of all. Apple has always been blamed for making products which are beyond the reach of general public. Some sources claim that a sub $100 iPhone is in the works. It would be made of inexpensive materials as opposed to Anodized Aluminium. Well, the best cheap smart phone slot is still up for grabs.
Source for the rumour : Apple leaks cheap iPhone 5s rumours.

Right now our favourite cheap smart phone is Nokia Lumia 520.

You may also like to check out another awesome cheap smart phone :  Micromax Canvas A116 HD

5.) Scratch resistant transparent display.

Now that seems a far stretched rumour. But still some sources claim that Apple has patented transparent displays and some of the patents match the device’s body to the tune of the Apple iPod Nano.
Source for the rumour : Apple’s Scratch resistant  display.

6.) Coloured iPhones :coloured iphone 5s rumours Apple has been working on different colour shells for the phone but its plans remain unclear.

Inspired by the Lumia range eh ? I remember the time when Apple announced the white iPhone and people went crazy. Maybe Apple wants to generate more frenzy this time with fancy colour shells.
Here’s the rumour source : Different colours for iPhone 5s with June release.

7.) Wrappable iPhone display : Next iPhone may feature not only a thin and flexible display that is able to wrap around the device, but that this display will be transparent against a seamless glass chassis.

Wrap capable and folding displays have already been showcased at the CES last year by Samsung. We can only wait and hope to see Apple’s version of this fantastic technology. double-sided display in two fashions ( double sided transparent display ).

iphone 5s rumours sharp flexible display
Sharp’s flexible display showcased at CES

One side transparent display is enough. But having two sided transparent display. Seems like they are spreading the innovation curve too wide. Literally!
Here is the source of the rumour : Futuristic iPhone displays .

iphone 5s rumours apple insider leak

8.) iPhone ‘s OS UI refresh :  the smart phone will receive an interface revamp from Apple’s senior vice President of Industrial Design, Jony Ives.

This is another strong rumour. The iOS 7 is expected to be a complete revamp. And for texture lovers it would be a bad news. The new iteration of iOS is expected to have flat GUI elements. This is also a matter of speculation. iOS 7 is expected to make its debut with the iPhone 5s in probably the next quarter.

9.) Falling consumer satisfaction for iPhone :  Consumer satisfaction is falling for the iPhone and Apple rumours. Well, we can surely say that this rumour is fake to its core!
Source against the rumour : iPhone tops customer satisfaction surveys!

10.) It is also very strange to expect such an early product launch. But it seems plausible to think that this year iPhone 5s maybe launched. And as with all things Apple.

“Secrecy is GODLY.”

Source of rumour :  Another Rumour Claims Media Event to Introduce iPhone 5S on June 20.

Verified Sources for iPhone 5s rumours : CNET, Mac Rumours, Patently Apple, International Business Times.

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Top ten iphone 5s rumours analyzed

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