Top ten things to do when failing consistently

Yes, you my friend. I know it has been hard on you. Your journey hasn’t been exactly that good. But let me tell you something which will change your life. Let me tell you top ten things to do when failing consistently. These awesome things will pull you out of the pothole you are stuck in.

[icon name=icon-ok]So here we are with a list of top ten things to do when failing consistently

top ten things to do when failing consistently

[icon name=icon-flag] Leave what you are doing now : But don’t quit

If you keep on doing things without realizing what it would lead to. Then stop right now. What I mean is to not quit. But rather understand how to do the thing, and get back to it after gaining more insight.

[icon name=icon-pencil] Don’t blindly follow your passion, follow your skill

Top gurus etc. always stress on following your passion. But it’s not about what you feel passionate about. Sadly enough you have to first work on the things where your natural talent is and then when you have worked hard enough it will become your passion automatically. You will realize that the thing you are best at are the ones which need to be worked upon to up your game.

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[icon name=icon-eye-open] Don’t try to emulate success stories

Everyone climbed a different ladder in different set of conditions. Yours may not be the same. So don’t follow what made someone else successful. s Robert Frost said,

“Two roads diverged in the woods. I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.”

[icon name=icon-exclamation-sign] Understand that it’s OK to fail sometimes

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Yes, it’s OK to fail sometimes. You can’t expect to win every time and at everything you do. Rather learn from your mistakes and be better prepared to face what’s next. Failure always teaches us better lessons than success does.

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[icon name=icon-wrench] Increase your knowledge and skills

Yes, if you are going down, then that’s the best time to learn something new. To discover a skill set you though you never had. To enhance what you already know. Like, Andy Duffresne did in The Shawshank Redemption.

[icon name=icon-backward] Stay away from energy suckers

There are many people out there who don’t know what they want. These people spend their time in wasting others time and energy. On the surface it may seem fun to hang out with such people. But eventually they will sap out all the life out of you. And as Mick from Rocky Balboa said,  you would ask

“Hey , what the hell am I living around here for? Boy, I got no reason to go on.”

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[icon name=icon-speaker] Learn to say Yes

You don’t have to say Yes to everyone. But saying yes to new opportunities and people will lead to new avenues opening up for you. When your heart says to go on. Just do that thing.

[icon name=icon-adult] Become conscious, aware of things around you

Always be alert, conscious. Of things around you, people around you. And your situations. As Ra’s al Ghul said in the Batman.

“Always mind your surroundings!”

[icon name=icon-smiley] Interact with others

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The more you talk to other people and interact with them, the more your perspective will open up. After all you can’t expect to do something great while hiding in your nutshell. You must explore your personality. What others like about you. What are your weaknesses. And then improve upon them. But at the same time you don’t have to be to mindful about what others say. Because frankly enough it’s none of  your business.

(You are reading - Top ten things to do when failing consistently - DIY motivation guide.)

[icon name=icon-question] Learn to use your own mind and reason, than searching for answers

Yes, my dear friend. The greatest lesson to avoid failure is to stop blindly following people. Rather use your own reason. This post wasn’t written so that you could blindly follow it. Rather, it’s purpose was to make you more aware about yourself, and your own reason.

Because at the end of the day, the voice inside you is the one which is right! 😀
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Top ten things to do when failing consistently

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  1. Do what you want at any cost…and never say that you can’t…like my blogging passion i remember my first blog got some success but i was not interested in that blog that’s why i left after that 3 failed blogs and then a successful blog and still I do what i want ignoring everyone…..


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