TSMC to Build Seven Factories in 2024, 3nm Capacity to Triple

TSMC announces plans to construct seven new factories in 2024, boosting 3nm production capacity by 300% to meet increasing demand.

TSMC’s executive, Huang Yuanguo, announced at the TSMC Technology Forum in Hsinchu that the company plans to construct seven new factories this year.

The 3nm production capacity is expected to quadruple compared to last year.

Specifically, TSMC will build five wafer fabs and two advanced packaging plants globally in 2024.

TSMC’s Fab 20 in Hsinchu and Fab 22 in Kaohsiung, dedicated to the 2nm process, are currently in the equipment installation phase and are expected to begin mass production in 2025.

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Earlier reports indicated that TSMC’s European subsidiary, ESMC, will start constructing its first wafer fab in Dresden, Germany, in the fourth quarter of this year, with production anticipated in 2027.

TSMC will also build advanced packaging plants in Taichung and Chiayi, with the former expected to achieve CoWoS mass production in 2025 and the latter to mass-produce CoWoS and SoIC technologies by 2026.

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Huang Yuanguo revealed that TSMC’s 3nm production capacity will increase by 300% this year but will still fall short of meeting all customer demands.

TSMC’s advanced process capacity compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2024 is projected to be around 25%.

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TSMC to Build Seven Factories in 2024, 3nm Capacity to Triple

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