Two US States Ban Apple’s “Parts Pairing” Practice

Colorado and Oregon ban Apple’s “parts pairing” practice, enhancing consumer repair rights and reducing repair costs.

On May 29, it was reported that following Oregon’s lead in March, Colorado has now also banned Apple’s “parts pairing” practice through new “right to repair” legislation.

“Parts pairing” involves matching the serial numbers of components, such as screens, with the device’s serial number. Even if a user replaces a component with another original Apple part, mismatched pairing can prevent full functionality, such as disabling Face ID after a screen replacement.

This practice has made many repairs costly since only Apple-approved parts can be used.

Oregon was the first US state to legislate against “parts pairing,” with the law taking effect in January 2025 for smartphones. The public interest group PIRG reported that Colorado has now followed suit.

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Colorado residents now enjoy the broadest repair rights in the US, building on previous laws protecting repair rights for farm equipment and electric wheelchairs.

Colorado is the second state to include restrictions on software locks that limit repairs in its electronic product legislation.

Governor Jared Polis stated that this law would save money and reduce waste.

“Protecting our right to repair damaged devices will save money, support small businesses, and reduce electronic waste. Today, we are working to protect the repair rights of Colorado residents to ensure manufacturers cannot force them to pay high repair costs.”

Despite Apple’s efforts to soften its stance by allowing the “recognition” of second-hand parts during repairs, Oregon and Colorado have gone further by completely banning this practice.

According to 9to5mac, other states may follow their lead, potentially forcing Apple and other companies to abandon “parts pairing.”

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Over the years, Apple has lobbied heavily against “right to repair” legislation at both state and federal levels, spending money to resist these laws or weaken their effectiveness.

The company’s position shifted dramatically in 2021 when it introduced the “Self-Service Repair Program” and stopped opposing “right to repair” laws, now actively supporting them.

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Two US States Ban Apple’s “Parts Pairing” Practice

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