Experience AAA Masterpieces for Only $1: Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Kicks Off First Month of Promotions

Time to say Goodbye to other Gaming services?

On July 28th, Ubisoft made a momentous announcement as they officially kicked off the highly anticipated first month promotion for their exceptional subscription service, Ubisoft+.

Enthusiastic players across the gaming community now have the golden opportunity to immerse themselves in a treasure trove of gaming greatness for an unbelievably low price of merely 1 US dollar! (Editor’s note: Approximately INR 82 at current exchange rates).

The vast array of gaming gems included in this service encompasses the acclaimed “Far Cry” series, the iconic “Assassin’s Creed” series, and many more AAA masterpieces from Ubisoft’s impressive repertoire.

It’s worth noting that once the inaugural month comes to a close, subscribers will have the option to renew their Ubisoft+ service at a modest monthly fee of $14.99 (approximately INR 1228), granting them continuous access to this gaming paradise on both PC and Xbox platforms. This presents an enticing proposition for avid gamers who wish to indulge in Ubisoft’s gaming titles regularly.

For those who might have missed our earlier report, Ubisoft+ was officially launched on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One game consoles back in April of this year.

With this strategic move, players are provided with an avenue to delve into an extensive selection of Ubisoft’s gaming marvels, including exciting new releases. It’s important to highlight that this subscription is distinct from the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, necessitating a separate subscription and the imperative step of linking one’s Ubisoft account to their Xbox account to access the enthralling offerings.

Chris Early, Ubisoft’s esteemed Senior President of Business Development, expressed his excitement about this collaboration with Microsoft, affirming that the launch of Ubisoft+ on the Xbox console heralds a bounty of choices and added value for players.

With this seamless integration, gamers can now relish the experience of traversing Ubisoft’s rich game library, unlocking boundless entertainment possibilities.

In conclusion, the advent of Ubisoft+’s first month promotion marks a remarkable opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary gaming journey without breaking the bank. By paying a mere 1 US dollar, players gain entry to a large array of Ubisoft’s finest creations, paving the way for new gaming adventures.

After the initial month, the service can be renewed at an affordable rate, ensuring gamers can continually explore the vast and diverse world of Ubisoft’s titles on their preferred gaming platforms.

But truth be told we at Inspire2Rise will still be buying all our games on Steam. Having all your games at one place is something that is too good and until and unless there’s a compelling reason to not do so we would recommend to use Steam as long as possible!  

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Experience AAA Masterpieces for Only $1: Ubisoft+ Subscription Service Kicks Off First Month of Promotions

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