UK Scientists Develop Deformable Touchscreen with Varying Softness

British scientists create DeformIO, a touchscreen that changes softness with pressure, enhancing interaction in gaming, medical training, and online shopping.

British scientists from the University of Bath have developed a new type of deformable touchscreen technology called DeformIO. This screen can change its softness based on the pressure applied by the user’s fingers.

Currently, this touchscreen is a conceptual prototype, and the related research paper was recently published in the “ACM Journal of Modeling and Computer Simulation.”

DeformIO is made from silicone and utilizes pneumatic and resistive sensing to detect pressure. Users can press the screen and smoothly move their fingers across its surface.

deformio touchscreen uk

The screen can differentiate between various pressure levels applied to different areas, adjusting its softness accordingly.

James Nash, a DeformIO researcher, stated, “You will directly manipulate digital objects as you would physical ones. Our screen allows users to experience rich tactile feedback on a soft surface.”

Researchers hope DeformIO can be widely applied, such as in video games, medical training simulations, and even remote physical interactions through video calls.

This deformable screen might also transform user interactions with devices. For example, shoppers could “touch” the fabric of a new sofa or “feel” the softness of a pillow by pressing a DeformIO phone display before purchasing online.

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UK Scientists Develop Deformable Touchscreen with Varying Softness

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