Valve Announces Counter-Strike 2 “Ranking Points System”

Each Map to Have Independent Points Ranking!

Valve has recently announced a game preview for “Counter-Strike 2,” featuring a ranking points system for each map.

According to the latest reports on September 1, Valve officially released a video explaining the ranking point system of the priority mode of “Counter-Strike 2” today, which initially introduced the game’s ranking point system. It was revealed that the game will include regional/global rankings, and each map will have an independent points ranking.

The video also showcased a refurbished Purgatory Town map. The official spokesperson invited players to participate in the test, starting from today, and emphasized that “Counter-Strike 2” will be launched in the summer of 2023.

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Source: Valve


Although the exact release date remains unknown, it is speculated that “Counter-Strike 2” may be available after September 22, following the end of daylight saving time in North America.

Developed using the Source2 engine, “Counter-Strike 2” offers free upgrades for “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” players, serving as a free alternative to CS: GO. Key changes in the game include modifications to the smoke system, lighting, water, particle effects, and visual accessory optimization.

Additionally, a “sub-refresh rate” mechanism is introduced, significantly enhancing the gameplay experience.

Earlier, Valve highlighted three novel aspects of this game: A sub-tick delay compensation system, a revamped dynamic smoke system, and updated, transformed, and remade maps. Player inventories from CS: GO will synchronize with those in Counter-Strike 2, and all accessories will adapt to source 2 lighting and texture effects.

Editor’s Note: It seems that now almost everyone eligible has started receiving CS 2 Beta invites! I got to know from my in-game friends on Discord servers. excited gamers on cs 2 beta invites

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Valve Announces Counter-Strike 2 “Ranking Points System”

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