Get Ready to Lose Your Balance: Vertigo 2 Arrives on PSVR 2 Later This Year

As of July 16th, it has been reported that “Vertigo 2” – a highly acclaimed VR shooting adventure game and one of the best VR games of 2023 – is currently restricted to PC VR headsets.

However, the exciting news is that the game will be making its way to the PSVR 2 platform later this year, opening up its immersive world to a wider audience.

This news was announced during Perp Games’ VR Summer Showcase, where the company revealed that it had reached an agreement with Zach Tsiakalis-Brown’s Zulubo Productions studio – the developer behind “Vertigo 2” – to bring the Half-Life-style sci-fi shooter to VR on the PSVR 2.

vertigo 2 psvr 2 update

The game will be available in both digital and physical formats, giving players the option to experience the game in their preferred way.

Originally launched on the PC VR platform in March 2023, “Vertigo 2” has been widely praised as one of the best PC VR games since the release of “Half-Life: Alyx.”

In addition to its arrival on the PSVR 2 platform, the game will also receive a free VR built-in level editor later this year, which will enable players to create their own adventure worlds and share them with other players, adding even more depth to the gameplay experience.

Additionally, after completing “Vertigo 2,” players will be able to unlock three new playable characters, each with their own unique abilities that will provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Each character possesses unique abilities that will alter the gameplay experience and present new challenges and opportunities for players to explore within the game’s world.

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Get Ready to Lose Your Balance: Vertigo 2 Arrives on PSVR 2 Later This Year

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