Viber launches in Microsoft Store and Samsung Galaxy Store!

Viber is now available as a desktop app on the Microsoft Store and as a mobile app on the Samsung Galaxy Store, making it effortless to download for additional global consumers!

Rakuten Viber, a global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, is announcing that the app is now available for download on the Microsoft Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store. This update enables a broader global consumer base to download the Viber app on Windows desktops and Samsung mobile devices.
Approximately 90% of Viber’s desktop users come from Windows devices and 38.1% of monthly active users on Android have Samsung devices, making this an important update to both user bases. This latest update will allow new users to effortlessly download the Viber app – on both major platforms  – where the Viber app joins other communication apps like WeChat and TikTok within both stores. Microsoft has been a trusted source for bringing the latest cutting-edge technology to its devices while offering more than 669,000 apps available for download in the Microsoft app store.  Viber desktop app now available in the Windows Store, allows users to message and call via Viber directly from a computer or laptop, which has become a popular feature among frequent users. The desktop app can be used for everything from communicating with loved ones to conducting business, having group calls, interacting with Channels, and setting reminders. It also helps reduce eye strain by enabling users to sync their mobile Viber activity to a larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Store is available in 125 countries. With billions of active users worldwide in both stores, Viber will be exposed to both platforms’ large and ever-growing consumer bases. Rakuten Viber has previously hit the milestone of surpassing 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app is also available on the Apple Store, Huawei Store, and Xiaomi Store.
“With millions of Viber users on Microsoft and Samsung devices, this latest update will make it easier for them to access the latest Viber updates, as our desktop and mobile apps are constantly evolving to bring secure, private, and fun messaging and calling,”
says Roi Zemmer, Vice President of Core Platform at Rakuten Viber.
“We are excited to see Viber getting additional exposure across multiple app stores and look forward to introducing upcoming new features.”

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Viber launches in Microsoft Store and Samsung Galaxy Store!

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