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Everything we know about Vivo Nex 2 renders, new leaks, rumours !

vivo nex 2 renders leaks rumours

As we all know, ever since the Vivo Apex concept phone was showcased, a number of high-screen ratios mobile phones have been launched. Most of them focused on bringing a full view display by making the front camera as part of a moving mechanism. There has been the OnePlus 7 Pro with the pop-up camera. The ASUS Zenfone 6 with the sliding module, Oppo Reno with its shark fin popup and many others! It is reported that the Vivo NEX 2 would come with a new detachable camera module and it would be a smartphone with the highest screen to body ratio till date!

vivo nex 2 renders leaks rumours specs

According to the Nex 2 leaks, the camera module can be easily separated. And the magnet design can be attached to any part of the phone. This will completely eliminate the need for a front camera. And there is no need to have any holes or other fixes. Such a change may lead to the next best thing in smartphone technology.

vivo nex 2 renders detachable camera

Vivo Nex 2 launch date and price in India

Last year, the release of the Vivo NEX was on June 12th. However, many tech publications and bloggers have stated that this year’s NEX 2 will be listed one or two months later. Hence it should be launched around August,

The estimated price for the Vivo Nex 2 would be between 40K to 50K INR!

So guys are you excited for the upcoming Vivo Nex 2? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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