VMate releases Madaari online, along with the new user engagement system Danmaku

– Danmaku System live in India for the first time

– Madaari Danmaku Generates 1,000 Comments per Minute Peak Time-
The movie “Madaari” was released on August 31st on the Vmate, a new video platform which offers HD copyrighted movies and other content. The key feature of this new platform is the constant audience engagement which people thoroughly enjoyed with “Madaari”

VMate used Danmaku, a commentary sharing system popular in Asian countries for live engagement with the cast and crew of the film during its launch. In Danmaku, which means “bullet curtain”,  there’s a live chat system in which viewers can plaster comments directly on top of an uploaded video.

VMate launched the much-publicized online release of Madaari at 9 PM on August 31 with Actor Jimmy Shergill and Director Nishikant Kamat, conducting a live Danmaku interaction for 3 hours – all through the online streaming of the movie. The innovative chat format drew lot of viewer interest with comments reaching as much as 1,000 per minute during its peak time.

“I have never used such an innovative and creative way to chat. I spoke to the viewers and my fans while the movie was screening on their phone. It cannot get better than this!” said Actor Jimmy Shergill post the chat session.

This Danmaku movie platform has been used for the first time in India for live audience engagement while the movie is screening, setting a new cultural phenomenon.  Already popular extremely popular among young people in China, Japan and other Asian countries, Danmaku system is fast becoming a new way of online viewing.

What is VMate?

VMate is a video platform which allows users to stream and download high definition-copyrighted movies at zero cost. You can strean across different qualities, from 1080P to 144 on Vmate and it also recommends videos based on user’s watch history and interest. Users can also share movies offline. VMate comes with a smooth, simple and stylish interface and a promises to bring dynamic, trending content related to movies to a single click.

You can download VMate from Google Play to experience it today!

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VMate releases Madaari online, along with the new user engagement system Danmaku

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