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In this world of blasphemy, treachery, malicious intents all a common man is left with sometimes is his faith. Some say their faith lies with their God, some say in their partner, some say their friends and some say with their families.
Each and every person has a faith of some sorts, every book; religious text every preacher says that in order to succeed you must have faith, in them or on their actions.

But why is it that my heart has no faith, if you are a person like me, are a freethinker or you are the curious soul then read on to know : THE TRUTH !! (#faith no more)

What-faith no more

Every religious text says : “HAVE FAITH !” , optimistic people around you say to believe, even when they know that what they are saying is of no value to them too . We have been brought up too believe others easily, sometimes we are left with no freewill of our own.

People come and manipulate us to achieve their own goals, fulfill their desires and we don’t even retort but passively submit to the logical degradation being inflicted upon us ! I will further elaborate as to why faith no more is my way of living.

What I have learned till now is that, even faith is of no real value to us. Did any God come to rescue you when you were in  trouble, no, but still some say it’s our faith which saves us. Why have faith in others, on an invisible identity ……..

When you can trust yourselves !

You must believe in yourself as their is no other person in this world who knows you better than you do.

As a famous writer said, “When in darkness even our shadow leaves us.”

To sum up I would like to quote a phrase popular among gamers and freethinkers :

“Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember: Nothing is True!
  Where people are guided by morality or law, remember: Everything is permitted!”

Truth keeps changing day by day, the only thing which always remains constant is “CHANGE” itself, you must not follow everything that’s told you without applying your reason.

The only person who is the real judge of your actions is you yourself, at the end of the day you are not accountable to any god or other being but to that voice within you, to your conscience. You may fool others but you can’t lie to yourself. Faith no more is not simply an escape from belief but faith no more implies that we should try to be independent. If you have seen the movie Avengers you must have noticed how Loki mocks the human race by saying that humans are good for nothing and they don’t deserve independence because they always look unto others to rule them. But I have realized that it is slowly becoming the real case with all of us and we need to get rid of those blind faiths that we have on false institutions and truly follow the acronym of faith no more.

“No faith, No wraith.
Just believe that you can achieve !”

The above views are author’s personal views, no offense of any sort is intended to anyone. Don’t follow me, my advice but do what your heart says is right.

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