Whatsapp is coming to PC as standalone application

Rumour alert- Whatsapp is coming to PC as standalone application, maybe. With over 600 million users, WhatsApp is currently the biggest player in the instant messaging market over smartphones. The app is way ahead its rivals like Telegram, Line, Viber and WeChat (all of which have a web client) in terms of users. But one thing that the Instant messaging giant still misses is a web version for itself. Now a web version is a huge miss if your user base is as large as WhatsApp. Suppose you’re working on a project on your laptop, and suddenly hear a beep (no, not that roadies one), what will you do? Leave your important work and search for your phone which maybe underneath your piles of clothes or maybe deep inside your bag?

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That’s exactly what we all do now. But with a web version of WhatsApp, you can instantly see any message you receive on your desktop and ignore them, or maybe reply if you want to without even leaving your work. And if you don’t know this yet then I must tell you that WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook this year for a hefty sum and now it doesn’t consider apps like Line or WeChat or Viber its competition, rather it competes with iMessage and Google Hangout, both of which have, their own web version. So it just makes more sense for WhatsApp to have a web version. Well currently, a web version of WhatsApp is just a rumour but it has got some real backing from some reliable sources, if you consider your rival companies to be reliable. These web version rumours for WhatsApp messenger emerged after founder of the App “Telegram”, Pavel Durov revealed in a TechCrunch interview that the Facebook owned messenger giants tried to hire the Web App developer of his company. Then few people at AndroidWorld.nl investigated for long to find out that WhatsApp’s APK file contains many instances of “WhatsApp Web” logs. What we have come to know through the Android Police report is fun as well. According to that, “WhatsApp Web” logs appeared in the 2.11.471 version and show tracking of status and “last seen” activity on web. Well the rumours are still at a very early stage and we don’t have any iota of information about how WhatsApp will plan to give the users web access without any phone number. Also there is a floating news that Android Police have found possible sub – domain for WhatsApp , web.whatsapp.com, which for now is locked with a Google account login.

As a matter of fact, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. But the instant messenger giant is not likely part of any future plans for Facebook. It stands at a safe distance from its owner company as far as the web interface is concerned. We tell you this because there were no mentions of Facebook anywhere in the APK files which were dug deep which suggest only one thing, that WhatsApp most probably won’t be using user’s Facebook account for WhatsApp web login to its web client.

WhatsApp for web as of now still seems like a distant dream, with no definite proof for a web version. But it will be good for the company and the users of WhatsApp if there comes a web client for it. We don’t know about the company’s future plans, but if we go by the rumours then there is definitely something going on and its certainly not the end. Rest assured though, as a lot of rumours will be coming your way in the next few days if WhatsApp has really decided something and there is really something going on behind the scenes. Something mysterious, but we promise you that we’ll be covering everything about it.

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Whatsapp is coming to PC as standalone application

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