Whatsapp comes to web as a separate web app

A few days ago, we told you about the floating rumours of a web client for WhatsApp. Well, we weren’t much wrong there as yesterday WhatsApp officially announced its web client for Google Chrome. So now you can stay connected with your friends and family from your PC too.

But how to connect your WhatsApp account to its PC client?  Let’s find out below.

You need to open your Google Chrome browser and add the free app available on the Chrome Web Store here.

Also there is a ready-to-use version of WhatsApp for PC also which you can start using by clicking https://web.whatsapp.com .

To run the WhatsApp app on your desktop, you will need to scan the QR code by taking a picture of the code using the whatsapp application from your mobile.

This is required because on the phone, all that WhatsApp needs is your mobile number and by scanning the QR code, the computer can immediately let you use WhatsApp on the PC.

Your WhatsApp account will get connected to the web client once you’re done with the scanning of code and now you can start using the web client of WhatsApp without any issues.

But here’s a bad news for Mac users, Mac users will have to wait for using WhatsApp on their computers as WhatsApp web doesn’t support iOS platform at the moment though it is expected to support soon.

As for now, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users can avail of the new function and
start chatting on WhatsApp using their PCs. But you will need to update the app on your phone too.

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But you need to keep your phone charged to be able to use WhatsApp on the desktop. A battery indicator pops up  on screen  when your phone is about to run out of battery. When your phone switches off, you can no longer use WhatsApp on your PC so keep those phones charged and start using the PC to stay connected with family and friends anywhere in the world. Also another thing to note that the web client will work simultaneously with mobile version which means that you will receive and send your messages on both the versions at the same time. So you need not worry about lost messages.

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Whatsapp comes to web as a separate web app

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