Which iPhone Should I Buy in 2024? Beginner’s iPhone Buying Guide

The comprehensive guide you need for buying the iPhone of your dreams!

Choosing the right iPhone in 2024 requires considering a mix of factors such as performance, camera capabilities, battery life, price, and personal needs. Let’s explore the options available, detailing the various models in Apple’s lineup, to help you make an informed decision.

1. Understanding Your Needs

The first step in deciding which iPhone to buy is understanding your personal needs:

  • Basic Use: If you primarily use your phone for calls, messages, and light browsing, your needs will be different from someone who uses their phone for gaming or high-end photography.
  • Photography and Videography: For users keen on photography or videography, camera specifications might be the most important factor.
  • Gaming and High-Performance Applications: If you’re into gaming or use intensive applications, you’ll need a phone with a powerful processor and good heat management.
  • Budget: Your budget is crucial in determining which model you can afford.
  • Future-Proofing: Consider how long you intend to keep your phone. A model with better specs might last longer.

2. The 2024 iPhone Lineup

As of 2024, Apple typically updates its iPhone lineup annually, with announcements usually in September. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect:

  • iPhone 14 Series: This series might still be a good option in 2024, especially if Apple continues to support it with software updates. It can be a cost-effective choice.
  • iPhone 15 Series: Released in 2023, these models offer better hardware and additional features like improved camera systems and perhaps new health monitoring capabilities.
  • iPhone 16 Series: The latest models, released in 2024, will offer the best in technology and innovation from Apple. Expect cutting-edge processors, advanced camera technology, and perhaps new form factors or capabilities that haven’t been seen before.
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3. Analyzing the Features


  • Processor: Newer models usually have the A-series chips with enhanced performance and more efficiency.
  • RAM and Storage Options: More RAM allows better multitasking and storage options vary, which can affect how much data you can keep on your device without relying on cloud services.


  • Camera Capabilities: Apple typically enhances the camera capabilities with each new iPhone model, focusing on sensor quality, lens improvements, and software features like Night mode and Deep Fusion technology.

Battery Life

  • Battery Performance: Battery life is a crucial aspect for many users. Newer models tend to have better battery life and more efficient chips.


  • Screen Size and Technology: From OLED displays to ProMotion technology, newer iPhones offer better color accuracy, brightness, and refresh rates.

4. Price Considerations

Each new generation usually comes with a price increase, though older models typically remain available at a reduced price. Here’s how to think about pricing:

  • Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Value: A more expensive phone might offer features that could be beneficial over a longer term.
  • Resale Value: iPhones generally retain their value better than other smartphones, which can be a factor if you regularly upgrade your phone.

5. Ecosystem and Accessories

  • Compatibility with Other Devices: Consider how well the phone will work with other Apple products.
  • Accessories: Availability and compatibility of accessories should also be factored into your decision.

6. Environmental and Ethical Considerations

  • Environmental Impact: Apple often emphasizes environmental initiatives, such as using recycled materials and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Ethical Practices: The company’s approach to privacy, data protection, and labor practices in manufacturing might also influence your decision.

7. Making Your Decision

  • Read Reviews and Watch Comparisons: Before making a decision, it’s beneficial to look at reviews and comparison videos.
  • Check Out the Phones in Person: If possible, visit a store to get a feel for each model.
  • Consider Carrier Deals: Sometimes carriers offer promotions that can significantly reduce the cost of a new phone.
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In 2024, finding an iPhone that fits a specific budget can be challenging, especially at lower price points like $200 or $300, since even older models tend to retain value. Below, I’ll outline the best options for each price tier from $200 up to $2000, considering what might be available in new, used, or refurbished conditions.

Prices for iPhones can vary significantly based on factors like storage capacity, condition, and whether you are buying from an official retailer or a secondary market.

Best iPhone Under $200

  • Model: iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • Notes: At this budget, you’re likely looking into the second-hand or refurbished market. The iPhone SE (2nd generation) offers a decent performance with the A13 chip and a smaller form factor. It’s an excellent entry-level iPhone that supports iOS updates and performs well for basic tasks.

Best iPhone Under $300

  • Model: iPhone 11
  • Notes: For under $300, the iPhone 11 is a likely candidate on the used or refurbished market. It provides a more modern design with a larger screen and Face ID. It also has a dual-camera system which is significantly better than the single-camera setups in older SE models.

Best iPhone Under $400

  • Model: iPhone 12
  • Notes: Moving up to the $400 budget, you might find a used iPhone 12. This model introduces 5G capabilities, has better OLED display technology, and overall improved camera systems over the iPhone 11.

Best iPhone Under $500

  • Model: iPhone 13
  • Notes: At this price, the iPhone 13 could be available used or refurbished. It offers enhancements over the iPhone 12, such as longer battery life, more storage options, and photographic styles in the camera app.

Best iPhone Under $600

  • Model: iPhone 14
  • Notes: In 2024, the iPhone 14 might be accessible under $600 in the refurbished market. It builds upon the iPhone 13 with improved camera capabilities, especially in video modes, and better safety features like crash detection.

Best iPhone Under $800

  • Model: iPhone 15
  • Notes: Depending on deals or refurbished conditions, an iPhone 15 could fall under this price. New features typically include a next-generation processor, better display technology, and enhanced camera systems.
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Best iPhone Under $1000

  • Model: iPhone 15 Pro
  • Notes: For under $1000, you might find a new or nearly new iPhone 15 Pro, which offers professional-grade camera features, a ProMotion display for smoother scrolling, and potentially more substantial storage options.

Best iPhone Under $1200

  • Model: iPhone 16
  • Notes: By stretching the budget to $1200, a base model of the iPhone 16, bought new, could be within reach. This model would feature the latest advancements in Apple’s iPhone technology, including processor, camera, and potentially a new design or features.

Best iPhone Under $1500

  • Model: iPhone 16 Pro
  • Notes: With a $1500 budget, you can consider the iPhone 16 Pro. This model would typically offer cutting-edge technology like an advanced display, professional cameras, and perhaps unique features not found in the regular models.

Best iPhone Under $2000

  • Model: iPhone 16 Pro Max
  • Notes: At the top of the budget range, the iPhone 16 Pro Max is the best option, offering the largest display, longest battery life, and most advanced camera technology available in an iPhone. This would be suitable for those wanting the best performance and feature set for multimedia, gaming, and productivity tasks.

When considering these options, always check for the latest deals, promotions, and availability, as market conditions can shift, especially with new product releases or during sales events. Also, evaluate whether buying new, used, or refurbished makes the most sense based on the warranty, condition, and your personal preferences.


In 2024, choosing the right iPhone will largely depend on how you intend to use it. If budget is not a constraint and you want the latest and greatest, the iPhone 16 series will be the way to go. For those looking for a balance between performance and cost, the iPhone 15 series could be ideal.

And for users with more basic needs or tighter budgets, looking at the iPhone 14 series might be the best choice. Whatever your decision, ensure it aligns with your personal needs, budget, and expectations from a smartphone.

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Which iPhone Should I Buy in 2024? Beginner’s iPhone Buying Guide

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