Which MacBook should I buy: 2017 edition

Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ event in the last October brought new set of MacBooks into the limelight, giving us more choices to consider when we are up for a purchase. “Which Macbook should I buy” this is a persistent question in the minds of many of our readers!

Have you ever tried to find out the best MacBook? The best depends on personal preferences. The best for me may not seem the same to you given that your preferences might differ from that of mine. But this guide is meant to be a general set of guidelines which would be applicable to all people.

In this article, we are going to present three of the available MacBooks and explain the areas where each one of them tops at.

Which MacBook should I buy?

We are going to talk about the pros and cons of MacBook Air, MacBook, and the MacBook Pro (2015 and 2016) as well.

· MacBook Air (Best Budget MacBook, Best Battery Life)

MacBook Air is the most affordable one among the lot. The company had an 11 inch MacBook Air. But they stopped selling it once the 13-inch Air hit the market.

You get the best battery life (about 11-14 hours) among all the models. Unlike the new MacBook Pro, you will spot full-sized USB ports, an SD card slot and traditionally styled keyboard as well.

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Even though Apple has upgraded the RAM to 8 GB on 13 inch MacBook Air, you have to get satisfied with an old processor (1.6GHz dual-core Core i5 processor). And, if you are a perfectionist who wants a top-notch display, its 1440x 900 pixels resolution is not going to cheer you up.

Still with it’s somewhat affordable price tag, design and OS X experience the Macbook Air is the perfect first computing device for those who want the stability and robustness of the OS X platform.

· MacBook (The Most Portable One)

No, MacBook Air isn’t the most portable one, but the regular MacBook is. You will not even notice the laptop sitting inside your backpack while you are on the go.

The MacBook offers about 9.5 hours of battery backup. There are two variants available in the market ($1,299 model- Dual-core 1.1 GHz Intel Core M processor and 256 GB of flash storage. $1,599 model- Dual-core 1.2GHz Intel Core M processor and 512 GB of flash storage). Both the versions have 8 GB RAM and Intel HD 515 GPU underneath the hood.

The retina display has a resolution of 2304×1440 pixels. You get USB ports, Wi-fi and HDMI ports.

Don’t expect this to be blazingly fast given that the processor isn’t the latest. Still, my recommendation is to go for it if you are constantly on the go and want something compact with a decent battery life.

· MacBook Pro (Bang for the Buck, Most Powerful)

You will find different variants of MacBook Pro. If you are looking for the bang for your buck, you must go for 13 inch MacBook Pro 2015 model. The 5th-generation Core i5 processor along with 256 GB flash storage, and 8 GB memory does the job very well. You can also consider the variants with touchbars as well. Currently we at Inspire2rise also use the 2015 base Macbook Pro model for all our video editing needs in conjunction with Final Cut Pro X and needless to say, video editing is a breeze on the MBP + FCPX combo.

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If you are a power user, who multitasks a lot, you must buy a 15 inch MacBook Pro (2016). You will get a quad-core Core i7 processor, 16 GB memory and, 256 or 512 GB storage. Of course, the touch bar too!

In order to give the MacBook a strong visual rendering calibre, Apple integrated a 2 GB Radeon Pro 450 discrete GPU as well. The top end models have dedicated GPUs. If you are going to buy a 2016 Macbook Pro then we recommend you to wait for some time as newer variants with the Kabylake architecture are coming to the shelves soon!

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it?

Is budget your concern? Then, you must pick MacBook Air. If not, why holding you back? Go for the superior MacBook Pro itself.

The 12 inch MacBook is the most portable one.

I guess you have it all. It’s the time to take a decision.

And if you are not someone who is much into long hours of web surfing, typing, video editing or music production; then you should look for a Windows based alternative! 😉

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Which MacBook should I buy: 2017 edition

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