Why you should learn to say NO

why you should learn to say no featured
Sometimes it’s a simple solution to most of your problems.

NO. I know quite a few people whose worlds revolve around the words “YES” and “MAYBE”. Specially if you are an Indian, then you have been raised and taught how to feed people’s hopes and expectations and never ever say no. People are generally taught early on in their lives how saying no to others is a bad thing. That you should be courteous and welcoming towards new opportunities. But seriously, how much is too much. How would you ever know that you have had enough and it’s time to say “No”. So, on popular public demand here we are at Inspire2rise with the topic for the day being Why you should learn to say NO!

Why you should learn to say NO : The folly.

For starters who don’t know how stuff works, let me tell you. As you grow up so do your responsibilities and the stuff that you have to do. Slowly and steadily you will find that you have more work to do than you can actually manage. So, what did you do wrong?

The answer is : You said “Yes” to everybody.

The random person in your class who is too busy to take notes, and you say “yes” out of pity and help him/her with studies and stuff. Even when that person is sufficiently capable of learning and taking notes on their own. You are just being manipulated and used by others.

When you keep saying YES to the demands of other people, then more often than not people perceive you as someone who is easily available and ready to do all their chores and stuff. What you consider as being nice and genteel is actually now the biggest folly of your life.

Slowly you find yourself in a sick place where you are left with no time to pursue the things you are passionate about. This kind of situation is mostly faced by people who want to please everybody. You can’t make everyone happy, learn to let go.

Why you should learn to say NO : The solution.

Prioritize. Evaluate. If nothing is possible, then say NO.
But above all realize that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to say NO to requests from others which you are think are too demanding or just not worthy of your time and attention.

Don’t try and justify yourself when you see someone asking for your time when they clearly don’t deserve it. Time is what life is made up of. Spend it judiciously on the right people and doing the right things!


Don’t over use the word “NO” as it could also lead to missed opportunities and regrets later on. But use it in a healthy way and you will have a stress free life, well at least upto a certain extent. 😛
Remember what Buddha said, “Moderation is the key!”

Stay inspired to rise fellas, till next time.
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Why you should learn to say NO

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