Why you should never loose your Hope?

 3 Points to remember.

Have you failed at something? A new project? Or a relationship? Got rejected by someone? Feeling low? So much low that you’re reading an obscure article on an unheard website right? Yeah right, I knew this. We all have felt like that at some point in our life, some people had to experience it more than once.

So what should we do now? Loose all our hopes and cry in a corner? Well it’s easy to do that but certainly not right. Let me tell you something which you must’ve heard at least 100 times till now, You should never loose hope. Never ever ever ever loose your hope. Hope is a good thing, best thing really. It makes you strong. It makes you courageous and it helps you achieve that Success for which you crave. I’ll give you 3 points which you should always remember, and cherish throughout the life.

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1. Every Successful person had failed at least once.

Yes you heard this right and focus on the first word again, “Every” every successful person had failed at least once. Every inspiring story had a interval of failures. Abraham Lincoln lose elections, Muhammad Ali lost his boxing matches, Shakespeare’s plays were rejected, all these things have happened in real.

When you hear about them and read their stories, you think like god, what a lucky fellow he or she was, got everything in life. But before that “Everything” , there was Nothing too, at once point they were much like us, like me, like you, they failed, they got rejected, they couldn’t compete. But what did they did different then? The difference was, they never lose hope. They tried, they tried again, they kept trying till they achieved it, their dreams. They kept that hope alive. They accepted their failures. They never lose their hope, and that’s why they became what they are. So start accepting your failures, learn from them and keep your hopes alive because…

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2. Failures make you realize the value of Success:

Imagine a paradise, a place where everything is sweet. Will you then value that sweetness? If you never tasted anything bitter then how would you appreciate that sweetness?
For our geek friends, imagine a computer with unlimited data storage, literally unlimited never ending data storage, will you then ever realize the plight of those who managed their work on 1-2 gb of data? You won’t be able to do that. Never, why? Because lack of something or opposite of something only will help us realize it’s true value.If all you achieved in your life is success then you won’t be able to cope with failures. That’s why we see so many prodigies of successful people never making a mark for themselves. It’s not like they lack anything, but it’s just that they don’t value what they have.

So failures makes you humble enough to accept Success with grace. And that makes failures more important than anything else. Hope will help you cope with world in those times. It won’t let you fall down that deep tunnel where lies all those wasted talents who didn’t have the hope to cope with failures. If you keep your hopes alive, you will surely achieve something. Remember it’s all about the journey and not the goals. Che Guevara and Subhash Chandra Bose never achieved that success but they kept their hopes alive and now they are remembered throughout the world for their dedication. It was their hope which helped them and it will help you too.

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3. If you’ve hope in your heart, you will achieve that glory for sure:

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Let me tell you a little story. In a small village in a backward place, there lived a man with his wife. Once his wife fell ill and because his village was on other side of mountain and there wasn’t any hospital or roads to other cities. The nearest was 70 km away, as a result, his wife died in lack of timely medication. What he did next? No he didn’t keep crying in a corner. He thought about all those other people who may face same if nothing is done. So he decided to make a short cut to other city, by digging through the mountain. He thought about making a road outta a mountain. You must be wondering if he was mad or what? Everyone else thought the same. They mocked him, laughed at him and called him insane. But he didn’t loose hope. He kept trying. It took him 36 years but he did it, he made a road through that giant mountain. The distance of 70 km was cut short to a mere 9 km now. He did it. He helped so many people. He never lost hope. No it’s not a fable but it’s a real story. Google the name of Dasrath Manjhi- The mountain man of India. There was a real person who made his way through a mountain with nothing but his hands and hope.

Imagine if he had lost all his hopes the day his wife died? No one would have heard about him or cared about him.But he never lost hope and did the impossible. You can do the same too, you can do anything you want to, if and only if you never loose your hope.

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Because our world runs on this fuel called Hope. And those who lose hope loose everything. So accept your failures, do some thinking and try again, again and again and again without loosing your hope. Hope is a good thing, best thing really.

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Why you should never loose your Hope?

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Why you should never loose your Hope?

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