Why you should update to Windows 10 creators update right now!

Be happy all you Microsoft Windows enthusiasts, Microsoft have a new update for your Windows 10. The new update, named Windows 10 Creators Update has officially started rolling out to PC users all over the world, and we have a lot to tell you about it.


Creators Update also called the Spring Creators Update is the first of the two scheduled Windows 10 update of this year, the other being the Fall Creators Update scheduled in Sept-Oct this year. It is not a big update as such like the last year’s Anniversary Update but Microsoft has given enough features to keep us all entertained till fall. There are some new features, some old ones revamped and some minor changes too, but the most changes can be seen in the overall performance of the Windows 10, its fast, smooth and doesn’t let you down anymore.  So what are the latest features in Creators Update?  Read on to find out.

Windows turns 3D!

One of the more highlighted features of the new Windows Creators Update is this new app called Paint 3d. The app, which sounds similar to one of the ever famous apps by Microsoft, Paint is just like it, except, it’ll let you draw cool 3D drawings.

The app will allow all of you to experience the fun of 3D in a simple, non-complicated manner, without downloading anything etc or needing any tutorials. The basic, fun way to learn 3D drawing,


Gamers get ready!

Gaming on computers has always been a bit tricky. Though instantly popular, it lacks in places in comparison to consoles, especially when it comes to streaming live games. Windows Creator update has done a lot of changes here in that department. Along with that, a new Game Mode in the Xbox app will prioritize CPU and GPU resources for the games you’re playing. It’s designed to reduce background tasks and other apps from hogging all the system resources, and ultimately make sure that games run as best as they can on a Windows 10 PC.


Windows Creators Update is also adding Picture-In-Picture to all its universal apps. Though the no of those apps is low for now, other developers will be able to add this features into their next updates.

This feature will allow for windows user to simultaneously work and stream movies or Skype with friends while taking notes.

Microsoft Edge Improvements:

Creators update has also made significant changes, rather improvements in the Microsoft Edge browser. It is now faster and much more secure than it was. A new feature lets you set tabs aside and save them for use later on. It’s essentially a method to save a snapshot of your current browser window.

Updates and Privacy Controls:

With the new Windows Creators update, updates and privacy control tabs also get some minor improvements, mainly in how much control you have. You can now pause updates for over a week, change the active hours, increasing their duration and much more.

Privacy control also sees much changes.You’ll be prompted to review and configure features like diagnostics, speech recognition, location, and relevant ads. Earlier there were complaints regarding privacy settings in Windows 10. Microsoft has clearly tried to give answers to them.

Dynamic Lock:

This is a new technology in Windows 10 Creators Update where it guesses how far you’re from your computer and locks it if you’re not around. All you need to do is configure a wearable or Bluetooth device to it and when it feels that the signals are not strong enough, it will do the work. The feature initially named as ‘Windows Goodbye’ works opposite to Windows Hello. Talking about Windows Hello, the next feature is,

Windows Hello is Quicker:

This one is a  surprising addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update. Nobody expected Windows Hello to get faster. Microsoft has also improved the recognition process for the facial scanning, and the new setup process shows you exactly how Windows Hello scans your face to detect who you are. The result is a much speedier Windows Hello login process.


So there it was, a quick look at all the new features in Windows 10 Creators update, but that’s not all, there are still many small, unwritten changes which you may observe while going through your work or paying on your computers. Overall, Microsoft has done a lot to improve the Windows 10 experience and even looks as far as they are concerned for the users. The whole purpose is to make Windows 10 more all round in all departs and move to a Cortana-based voice and face recognition world of computers.

Why should I install it?

If you’re still not convinced whether you should install or not the Windows 10 Creators Update, I’ll give you 5 reason to do so, So in no particular order, they are:

  1. It is free. Seriously, do you need any other reason besides this? You’re getting the latest of Microsoft Windows first and for free.
  2. It is super smooth. The latest update of Windows 10 is smoother and faster than any of the previous versions we had, in fact, it is so smooth that my old PC is also running amazingly.
  3. Paint 3D is amazing. You can now fulfill all your drawing fantasies with the new 3D drawing app by Microsoft.
  4. Game Mod is the future of PC gaming.The kind of improvements we’ve had in this department is amazing and add to it the streaming feature we are getting, all in this one Windows Creators Update.
  5. Microsoft is doing some amazing work in Windows 10 department and the new Creators Update is just one of the first step in that direction. There’s a lot waiting on the other side and to experience it all, you’ll need to take the first step of installing this update first.

So, this was all from regarding the new Windows 10 Creators Update, if you still have any doubts left (Seriously?) then please head on to the comment section and post your questions to get answers.

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Why you should update to Windows 10 creators update right now!

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