Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 update version feature list overview!

All the major changes coming to the next big update for Windows!

Recently, Microsoft released the latest preview version of Windows 10 20H1 18965. In this version, many new features have been added, such as GPU temperature display, virtual desktop naming, independent download of notepad, a real-time reminder of the search bar, etc. All of these new features will make sure that the new update to Windows 10 makes it better for everyone.

microsoft windows 10 20h1 update features

1. Task Manager displays GPU temperature

This feature allows users to easily see the GPU core temperature of their graphics card without having to resort to third-party accessibility tools such as AIDA64 and GPU-Z. The temperature values ??are displayed under the “Task Manager” ? “Performance” ? “GPU” tab and are only valid for the Nvidia series. In addition, the new features are also required for the driver version of the graphics card, the WDDM driver model must be higher than 2.4.

2. Virtual desktop now supports custom naming

The virtual desktop now supports custom naming. By clicking the desktop name in the switch view (shortcut Win+TAB), the user can customize the specific name of each desktop, and even you can use the emoji icon as part of the desktop name, which is very fun.

3. Mouse indicator speed adjustment

The mouse panel adds a “cursor speed adjustment” that allows you to quickly adjust the sensitivity of the mouse movement. Originally, this function was hidden under the Win32 settings panel of the mouse option. After not being there for years, it has finally seen the light of the day.

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4. Standalone version of Notepad

Notepad is one of the major recipients for changes in the new update. It appeared in the Windows 10 app store for the first time as a standalone program. In other words, the future NotePad app will no longer need to be updated half a year like Windows. But now it can be downloaded and updated to the latest version anytime, anywhere with the app store. (although it hasn’t been updated for more than 30 years!)

Compared with the old version, the new version of Notepad also incorporates some user-friendly improvements, such as content not saved prompts, real-time row position display, mouse wheel fast zoom, Bing one-click shortcut search, and so on. More detailed coverage on this will come soon!

5. A free control notification method

The new version provides more powerful notification control capabilities, and you can intuitively control which notifications can be popped and which can’t be popped. In addition, the notification list is more abundant than the old version, which is convenient for the user to directly control the list of applications to be displayed.

6. Task Manager supports disk type differentiation

If your computer has both SSD and mechanical hard drives installed, you can see the current disk type tag in Task Manager ? Performance ? Disk. However, this feature is currently limited to Task Manager, and other tools, including Resource Monitor, have not been updated.

7. Magnifier new UI

The new magnifying glass uses a new UI, with both light and dark themes. In addition, the magnifier adds a new feature that always keeps the text cursor in the centre of the screen for easy typing.

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8. Language settings

The new version of Win10 rearranges the language panel and adds a new set of buttons. However, this update does not involve any new features, but it is a combing of the original features.

9. Search bar real-time reminder

The window search bar can be given a recommendation word with the user input intelligence. This feature is similar to the smart prompt in the search engine, which can greatly improve the user’s search experience. In addition, the search box has been added to a similar design, the only difference is that the separate search bar does not appear.

10. The calculator becomes standalone!

Like Notepad, the calculator also will exist now as a standalone application in this version. One of the most obvious changes is the new one-click zoom button in the main panel. Its purpose is to reduce the calculator arbitrarily when you click, place it wherever you want to place it, and… is in tablet mode!

11. The calendar gets support for directly adding schedule!

The new version of the calendar adds a small feature that allows users to add schedules directly on the shortcut panel. As with standard additions, we can also add start and end times, event locations to the schedule, or jump to the full calendar again with “More Details” after entering the event.

12. Text cursor indicator

The text cursor is an upgrade of the previous “mouse pointer” and offers richer cursor options. You can arbitrarily modify the thickness of the cursor pointer, adjust the colour of the cursor indicator, and even decide whether to enable the cursor indicator.

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13. Drawing “Retirement to the Second Line”

Drawing is a classic application in Windows. In the latest version of Win10 20H1, you will find that “drawing” is no longer a pre-installed component, but appears in “Applications” ? “Applications and Features” ? “Optional Features”. For users who need to choose by hand. Also with IE11, WordPad, Windows Media Player, are also going to become optional.

Overall, Microsoft’s approach to Windows has changed a little compared to before. Traditional components are being gradually stripped away and the operating system is increasingly becoming an integrated platform that serves all software and applications. From the current point of view, Microsoft’s move should be effective. It would at least let it focus more on platform performance and construction, and applications can get more timely upgrades and bug fixes, which is a result of both.

So, guys, this was it for this quick update. Are you excited about the future of Windows? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Feel free to subscribe to our push notifications along with our newsletter to get more timely tech updates and leaks!

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Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 update version feature list overview!

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