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Windows 10 updates no longer mandatory from May!

windows 10 updates no longer compulsory

Microsoft has been criticized time and again for providing Windows 10 updates at the worst time possible. Many times while doing some critical work the Windows update popup comes in and sometimes it becomes a real pain to deal with such stuff while you are focusing on something more important. Many people want granular control over what to update and when to update. Microsoft has been routinely criticized for not being able to offer the same.

Previously in April, Microsoft promised that it would no longer force updates on users but would give the option to choose.

Windows 10 updates status: The low down!

Now some users who have pre-installed the preview version of Windows 10 May update have found that under the “View Updates” button on the usual system update page, there’s an additional “optional update” button. The monthly update of “cumulative updates” means that Microsoft has finally fulfilled its promise.

windows 10 may update no longer mandatory

Image source: Reddit r/Windows10 sub reddit!

Now as long as your Windows 10 system is not too old, you can choose to ignore all updates in the “optional updates”. However, if your version of Windows 10 is too old and is about to suffer from lack of support then Windows 10 will still force an update. Of course, as usual, you can choose up to 35 days to delay the update installation after the update has been downloaded.

When will I get this?

This feature will be released later this month to the April update and the October 2018 update. So you don’t have to rush to update to the May edition. It’s unclear how security updates will be treated, but it’s better to have a secure system than having one open to compromise.

Microsoft said in April, “We believe this move will give users more choice, and we will continue to control quality. We will introduce longer preview cycles and more in-depth machine learning research to help detect high-risk problems that may exist. Our goal is to provide a more transparent and better update experience.”

So what do you think? Is Microsoft Windows finally changing for the good? Personally, I use Mac OSX and still believe that Windows has a long way to go. Do you feel that this enhanced control would help Microsoft to please existing users? Let us know in the comments section below!

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