Microsoft Windows 10 Variable refresh rate support is here now!

Latest Windows update brings Variable refresh rate to DX11 games!

Microsoft Windows 10 variable refresh rate support is out now. But before we delve deeper into what it is we need to know what the refresh rate is!

The display refresh rate refers to the number of times the system can update the screen every second. When we run any 3D game, if the frame rate of the game and the refresh rate are too different, the game screen and the display screen will be out of sync. So if the in-game camera will rotate at high speed, then the game screen will show on-screen tearing. Such a thing greatly affects the in-game experience and is really undesirable.

screen tearing in action during gameplay
Screen tearing in action during a gaming session!

At this time, turning on vertical sync to make the game frame rate the same as the display refresh rate can prevent the tearing of the screen to some extent. 

Why is it only a certain degree? This is because if your monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and your hardware doesn’t have the required horsepower to achieve such a high frame rate, then the game screen will still show tearing. At this time, we need a variable refresh rate, which is to let the display’s refresh rate match the game’s real-time frame rate so that the frame rate of the game is completely equal to the display refresh rate at any time, which essentially solves screen tearing.

Microsoft Windows 10 Variable refresh rate support update
Microsoft Windows 10 Variable refresh rate support update!

In fact, AMD and NVIDIA launched the FreeSync and G-Sync technologies to achieve the same purpose. However, the way they are implemented is different. AMD is driver based, and NVIDIA needs to have a dedicated chip inside the display for G-Sync to work effectively.

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How to get this feature?

So now finally Microsoft has added support for variable refresh rates in the latest Windows 10 May update (1903). And the key point is that without the support of the game, you only need to enable the setting in the Windows 10 system option to enable VRR function for games that do not support VRR (variable refresh rate).

In addition, Microsoft said that this feature is not a replacement for FreeSync and G-Sync, but only enhances their functionality.

With these updates and more focus on performance refinement, the future of Gaming on Windows definitely looks more secure! So guys if you aren’t on the latest Windows 10 version as of yet, please go and update now!

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Microsoft Windows 10 Variable refresh rate support is here now!

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