Microsoft Windows 11 25977 Update New Feature: System Tray Wi-Fi Icon Gets New Networking Animation

Microsoft Win11 25977 new feature: System tray Wi-Fi icon enables new networking animation

According to reports on October 21, an post by Windows enthusiast Xeno recently tweeted that after upgrading to Windows 11 Build 25977, the taskbar system tray has enabled a new networking animation for the Wi-Fi icon.


Windows 11 new wifi animation


Xeno stated that this animation only appears in the Build 25977 preview version and does not exist in the Build 25967 preview version.


windows 11 wifi animation news

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc later confirmed the addition, noting that he believes the feature is scheduled to be released next week.

windows 11 new wifi animation news

LeBlanc subsequently updated the blog post: “The network icon in the system tray will now animate during Wi-Fi networking. This animation will replace the disconnected globe when the network takes time to establish internet.”

According to previous reports, we know that Win11 Build 25977 mainly introduces low-power Bluetooth audio support, improves Windows location permissions, and can also view and share Wi-Fi passwords through QR codes.

In the new version, hearing aids equipped with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) technology can now pair, stream audio, and receive calls directly on a Windows PC that supports LE Audio.

Microsoft says that in upcoming versions, it will also introduce more features to the hearing aid experience on Windows, such as controlling audio presets directly in Windows Settings.

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Microsoft Windows 11 25977 Update New Feature: System Tray Wi-Fi Icon Gets New Networking Animation

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