New Windows 11 Tool Uses Bing for Image Searches

Explore the hidden feature in Windows 11’s screenshot tool that uses Bing for intelligent image recognition and searches.

Microsoft Windows 11 Screenshot Tool Unveils Hidden Feature: Utilizes Bing to Recognize Image Content

As of May 11, 2024, a new feature has been discovered in the Microsoft Windows 11 screenshot tool, version 11.2404.37.0. Although Microsoft has not officially announced this update, users can access a right-click option labeled “Search with Bing using image” to enable visual search functionality similar to Google Lens.

This tool identifies objects within images and searches for relevant information on the web.

microsoft new snipping tool

Currently, Microsoft is allowing a limited number of users to test this feature. An alternative provided by Microsoft in Windows 11 enables users to paste screenshots directly into the Copilot window, where the AI performs an image search, further integrating AI functionalities within the operating system.

copilot microsoft snipping tool

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New Windows 11 Tool Uses Bing for Image Searches

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