Windows 9 expected pictures out, rumored design changes

Windows 8 hasn’t settled yet. Windows 8.1 is still ironing out the crazy mess spread by Windows 8 and Microsoft seems to be on the way to Launch Windows 9. Windows 9 seems to be have the code name “Threshold” as persistent in lots of online rumors. Windows 9 is expected to bring several changes from Windows 8, noticeable being return of a start menu. Albeit in a different avatar. In a recent post by ZDnet they gave some noticeable hints regarding what Windows 9 could look like. With this version of Windows we can expect Microsoft to streamline its product approach by having a single version of the OS or most probably two for running across different platforms. While these Windows 9 expected pictures are not surely the final look of the operating system. But still they have been doing the rounds of the internet lately and we can expect the final product to be somewhat resembling or altogether different from the rumored pictures.

Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a single app store to serve across all different platforms. Right now Microsoft is in a deliver or die situation. If it doesn’t quickly catch up to its rivals then Microsoft’s hold on computers as we know them will soon fade out. Sources suggest that Windows 9 will either be delivered by quarter 4 in 2014 or by early 2015.

Though many would like Microsoft to fail, it seems difficult considering their acquisition of Nokia and consolidating Windows smartphone markets worldwide.

Windows 9 expected pictures out, designers view :

Check out the images below to get a fair idea of how designers around the world are interpreting their vision of the future of Windows.

windows 9 expected pictures out
Windows 9 expected pictures out : The look is quite pleasing if this is the one to be out.
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windows 9 expected pictures out 2windows 9 expected pictures out 3

windows 9 expected pictures out 4
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 windows 9 expected pictures out 5
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windows 9 expected pictures out 6

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windows 9 expected pictures out 7

windows 9 expected pictures out 8

windows 9 expected pictures out 9

windows 9 expected pictures out 10

windows 9 expected pictures out 11


windows 9 expected pictures out 12

windows 9 expected pictures out 13

Image Credits : Niklas Lv/deviantArt , Simeon Metev (SoftwarePortalPlus)/deviantArt, Chris Lombardo/deviantArt , Jerry Jappinen/Eiskis

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Windows 9 expected pictures out, rumored design changes

4 thoughts on “Windows 9 expected pictures out, rumored design changes”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I hope they release it as soon as possible. The graphics are beautiful. But the first glance itself is showing us a lot of draw backs. They’ll probably work it out. 🙂 Great post. I’ve seen a couple of these images online but you’re the first person to collect all of these pictures in one place. Good job! I appreciate your efforts. I’d have loved the post more if you’d put some extra effort and try and write about the good things in the picture and also the drawbacks. Kudos! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello,

    I’m still using windows 7 because I feel like I don’t want to use windows 8 and I’m sure the new upcoming window 9 would be more cooler than the current version.



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