Windows Auto-installs New Sticky Notes App with OCR

Microsoft introduces a new Sticky Notes app for Win11 and Win10, featuring screenshot and OCR capabilities.

Microsoft’s new “Sticky Notes” application for Windows 10 and Windows 11 will be automatically installed in stable versions but will not replace the current UWP version.

microsoft new sticky notes

Unlike the old UWP version, the new app is a Win32 application without web technology.

If users have the OneNote desktop client installed, the new “Sticky Notes” app will be automatically installed, with shortcuts appearing in the start menu and other categories.

microsoft windows new sticky notes features

If users prefer the old “Sticky Notes” app, they can still download it from the Microsoft Store. The new “Sticky Notes” app offers several features:

  1. Screenshot: Users can now take screenshots with the “Sticky Notes” app, but it only captures open windows rather than everything on the screen like the Win + PrintScreen shortcut.
  2. Remember Source: Unlike traditional screenshot tools, the “Sticky Notes” app remembers the source of the image. For example, if a screenshot is taken from a browser window, the app will remember this and attach the webpage link, allowing users to add text to these snapshots later.
  3. OCR Recognition: A new option (yet to be enabled) allows the “Sticky Notes” app to recognize text in images and copy it to the clipboard.

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Windows Auto-installs New Sticky Notes App with OCR

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