WordPress 4.1 Dinah update out now for download

WordPress is now the engine behind most of the modern web and it has pushed the limits of content publishing and having an online presence has become much easier now these days. Yesterday the latest update for WordPress i.e. WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” was released. This update has been named in the honour of jazz singer Dinah Washington, it’s now available for download here, or you can now directly upgrade from your dashboard. Be careful enough to backup your files before downloading and upgrading your website. This new update brings along with it the new default WordPress theme which is Twenty Fifteen. WordPress 4.1 Dinah update is out now for download and it focusses mainly on writing so as to make it easy for the user to create and publish content for the internet.

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WordPress 4.1 Dinah update: The features.

  • The Twenty Fifteen theme
    WordPress 4.1 Dinah update 2015 theme
    The Twenty Fifteen themes builds upon the solid base provided by earlier WordPress theme releases and it brings into focus the power of clarity in fonts and design. The twenty fifteen theme has a streamlined design with a fixed sidebar on the left hand side and scroll down on the right for the homepage as well as the single post pages.
  • Distraction free writing mode
    WordPress 4.1 Dinah update out now distraction free writing mode
    The distraction free writing mode was already present in WordPress and it has been refined even more now to include the advanced editing elements to be available on a single mouse click/hover.
  • Forty languages+ support for WordPress
    WordPress 4.1 Dinah update out now support for 41 plus languages

    WordPress now supports over forty plus languages. Extended support for various languages is derived from the Google Noto font family by Google which provides support for inter language fonts.

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  • Option to log out everywhere
    Often it happens that we login from a different system and forget to log out and it also happens that we log in from several devices like phones etc. From a security point of view it becomes necessary to log out of these devices. Log out everywhere option allows us to do just that!
  • Easy embedding of Vine Videos
    Now embedding Vine videos is much easier than before. Just drop in the URL of the Vine video and WordPress will figure out the rest.
  • Customized plugin recommendations for users
    Customized plugin recommendations now tell users which plugins would be good for them based upon same plugins installed by different users and their respective plugin usage history.
  • Enhanced support for complex queries
    Everything in WordPress now supports applying advanced conditional logic, like if statements, nested clauses and multiple operators to things like metadata, date etc.
  • Complete developer reference , support for tags in themes and added customizer API.
    A lot of under the hood changes now give more power while previewing things and allow the user to see specific panels and sections for specific case scenarios.

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WordPress 4.1 Dinah update out now for download

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