𝕏 ( Formerly Twitter) Users Fall by 11.6% Since Musk’s Acquistion

𝕏 (Twitter) currently has 225 million daily active users

It has come to light via various news sources that the Chief Executive Officer of X (erstwhile, Twitter), Linda Yaccarino, made some intriguing statements concerning the company’s current user demographics during her presentation at the esteemed Code 2023 technology conference organized by Vox Media.

Initially, Yaccarino publicly declared that X boasted a total of approximately 225 million individual users who actively utilized the platform on a daily basis; however, later on, X publicly revealed that this specific figure had been revised upward to an impressive 245 million users if it’s true or not is still a matter of debate.

Notably, Linda Yaccarino opted to refrain from elaborating further on this particular detail during the interview. Instead, she chose to focus on discussing certain other notable aspects pertaining to the inner workings of the organization.

linda yaccarino code 2023 verge interview

Of particular interest among these details was the revelation that X currently maintains a staggering 50,000 distinct online communities, all of which appear to have witnessed a steady uptick in participatory engagement ever since the beginning of June.

In addition, Yaccarino took great pride in announcing that X had managed to achieve yet another remarkable milestone, with the total tally of monthly active users reaching an all-time high of 550 million – a truly extraordinary feat that represents a significant leap forward when contrasted against the comparatively modest sum of 541 million users cited in a post penned by Musk back in July.

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𝕏 ( Formerly Twitter) Users Fall by 11.6% Since Musk’s Acquistion

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