Xiaomi 10 Pro and Ultra Receive Android 13-Based HyperOS Official Update

Discover the latest update for Xiaomi 10 Pro and Ultra phones: the official release of Android 13-based HyperOS and user experience.

On April 22, 2024, Xiaomi 10 Pro and Ultra smartphones were updated to the official version of HyperOS based on Android 13.
  • The versions are for the Pro and for the Ultra, with a package size of 4.2 GB. Previously, the Xiaomi 10 received the HyperOS official version on April 18.

Xiaomi HyperOS

  • Core Architecture Overhaul: HyperOS introduces a significant restructuring at its core, enhancing hardware performance.
  • Task Recognition Coloring Technology: This innovative feature dynamically manages resource allocation based on the importance of tasks, improving performance and reducing power consumption.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption Framework: This framework boosts battery life and provides smoother animations.
  • Integrated SOC Frequency Tuning: HyperOS links all hardware resources to quickly adapt to computational demands, reducing frame drops and ensuring smoother performance.
  • Renewed Storage Technology: The new technology reduces storage fragmentation, extending the lifespan of the device.

Cross-Device Connectivity

  • Xiaomi HyperConnect: A cross-device connection framework that ensures efficient device integration and optimal cooperation.
  • New Integrated Device Center: All devices are dynamically networked in real-time, visible, and controllable from the control center.
  • Upgraded Cross-Device Experience: Enhanced support for using cameras, screens, communication hardware across devices, and the seamless transfer of apps, audio/video, and clipboard data ensuring comprehensive security.
    Comprehensive Security:
  • Security and Privacy Architecture for Device Connectivity: Devices authenticate each other through TEE, and data transmission is secured at the hardware level.
  • Cross-Device Privacy System: This includes interconnected permission management, reminders, and logging of interconnected behaviors.

Life-Aesthetic Design:

  • Global Life-Aesthetic: This design philosophy creates a delicate and comfortable visual experience with cohesive animations and a unified expression of system aesthetics.
  • New Animation Language: Provides a light, cohesive global animation experience.
    Vitality Color System: Introduces natural colors full of life, refreshing the user interface.
  • Redesigned Weather Interface: Uses a real-time meteorological engine to create a surreal visual experience.
    Unified Notification System: Dynamically displays key information changes.
  • Artistic Lock Screen and Desktop Icon Redesign: Transforms each photo into a poster and introduces dynamic glass materials for an exquisite look upon screen activation.
  • Multi-task Window Management: Features a unified interaction design for efficiency and ease of use.
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xiaomi hyper os android 13 mi 10 ultra update


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Xiaomi 10 Pro and Ultra Receive Android 13-Based HyperOS Official Update

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