Xiaomi 14’s New Update Enhances 5G Speeds and Camera

Discover the latest Xiaomi 14 update featuring 5G-A network capabilities and enhanced camera performance in HyperOS 1.0.38/41 version.

Thanks to a tip from various sources, today’s news reports that the Xiaomi 14 / Pro smartphones have received an internal beta update of the Hyper OS, versions and

The update primarily enhances the devices with 5G-A capabilities, also known as 5.5G, and makes improvements to the camera effects.

System Update:

  • Added 5G-A capabilities for ultimate 5G speed experiences (actual performance will depend on local network operations and deployment).

Camera Enhancements:

  • Improved portrait mode blur effect.
  • Enhanced beauty effects in portrait mode.
  • Introduced a new AI large model computational photography platform, Xiaomi AISP, to improve portrait photo quality.

It’s noted that 5G-A, also called 5.5G, can theoretically reach peak speeds of 10G.

China Mobile plans to expand this network to over 300 cities nationwide within the year, creating the world’s largest commercial 5G-A network.

xiaomi 14 xiaomi hyperos update

The first batch of 100 cities to go commercial includes major locations like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Previously, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra was updated to support 5G-A, with China Mobile officially reporting test speeds surpassing 5Gbps, reaching 5132.34 Mbps.

Other manufacturers such as OPPO and Vivo have also confirmed support for 5.5G in their upcoming devices, enhancing the connectivity offerings in the latest tech market.

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Xiaomi 14’s New Update Enhances 5G Speeds and Camera

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