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Xiaomi 75 inch TV passes 3C certification!

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Recently, according to several online sources, a new Xiaomi TV passed 3C certification on December 24. According to the model in the certification, we know that the size of this TV will be 75 inches.

xiaomi 75 inch tv 3c certification

It is now understood that on December 24, a Xiaomi TV model “L75M6-5, L75M6-5P” appeared on the 3C certificate and was listed on their official website. The information shows that this product is produced by Xinpu (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. and it is a 75-inch TV.

As early as December of this year, several tech publications also reported that three Xiaomi TVs have passed 3C certification, the models were “L32M5-AD”, “L50M5-AD” and “L75M5-BH”. The size of these three products can be judged according to the models. It will be 32 inches, 50 inches and 75 inches.

Except for the 3C certified size information, there are currently no pictures and detailed configuration information for these products.

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