Xiaomi Mijia Classic Square Sunglasses launched!

Self repairs small scratches and more!

Xiaomi Mijia launched a classic square sunglasses with TAC polarized lenses today. It has no screws and no scratches. It can repair small scratches. The pricing is currently 99 yuan. There’s no official word as of yet about when would these be available on sale in India. Xiaomi Mijia classic square sunglasses come with 2019’s popular large frame design. They offer a stylish retro look for fans of that aesthetic.

The net weight of the glasses is 24g. The frame for these is made of TR90. The ultra-high toughness that it has can effectively resist deformation and make it last longer. 

Xiaomi Mijia Classic Square Sunglasses launched

TAC polarized lenses are made up of 6 layers of materials. These lenses can largely block the glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction, reflection, etc. This means that when people are active under strong sunlight for a long time, their eyes stay protected for long.

What’s special about these glasses?

The lens is covered with self-healing coating on both inside and outside. If there is a slight scratch, it can be repaired automatically under the sun. This makes the lens have double protection. This also greatly improves the service life of the glasses.

xiaomi mijia classic square sunglasses

The one-piece nose pad design fits the nose shape to reduce the indentation caused. These are different from traditional sunglasses. The Xiaomi Mijia classic square sunglasses adopt screwless structure design and have a card type design. This card type has the advantage of no screw going loose. So you can completely bid farewell to the screw troubles, and the design is made for comfortable folding!

So guys what do you think? Are you waiting for Xiaomi to bring these self-healing glasses to India? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Xiaomi Mijia Classic Square Sunglasses launched!

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