Xiaomi Redmi MAX 100-inch 2025 TV: A Blend of Innovation and Visual Excellence

Explore Xiaomi’s Redmi MAX 100-inch TV, offering 4K 144Hz display, Dolby Vision, and a free sound system for early orders.

Xiaomi has officially released the Redmi MAX 100 2025 version, setting a new benchmark in the large-screen television market with its introductory price of 8999 yuan which is roughly INR 103,725.10.

Xiaomi max 100.

This innovative product has commenced its pre-sale phase, with the official sales launch slated for April 18th.

An enticing offer accompanies early purchases made before April 30th—a complimentary Xiaomi TV Soundbar 3.1, valued at 1499 yuan, enhancing the auditory experience alongside the visual spectacle.

The Redmi MAX 100 2025 model captivates with its expansive 100-inch screen, pushing the boundaries of home cinema.

It boasts a remarkable 4K resolution at 144Hz, enveloping viewers in a seamless and vibrant display.

The TV’s commitment to color fidelity is evident through its 94% DCI-P3 color gamut, ensuring a true-to-life color reproduction that rivals the natural world.

Connectivity and performance are further enhanced by the inclusion of an HDMI 2.1 port, catering to the needs of both cinema enthusiasts and competitive gamers with features like a 240Hz competitive mode and 4K 120Hz MEMC motion compensation.

This ensures a fluid and dynamic viewing experience, free from blur or delay. Under the hood, the TV is powered by Xiaomi’s proprietary Pengpai OS, offering a user-friendly interface and access to a wide array of content and applications.

The Redmi MAX 100 2025 model is not just about visual prowess; it also prioritizes viewer health with the Xiaomi Qingshan Eye Protection technology.

This feature, alongside the multiple color temperature color restoration technology, ensures a comfortable viewing experience regardless of content or viewing duration.

In embracing cinematic authenticity, the TV supports Dolby Vision panoramic sound and Filmmaker Mode, allowing users to experience movies as the creators intended.

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The Redmi MAX 100 2025 model stands as a testament to Xiaomi’s commitment to innovation, offering a comprehensive and immersive entertainment solution that sets a new standard in the television industry.

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Xiaomi Redmi MAX 100-inch 2025 TV: A Blend of Innovation and Visual Excellence

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