Xiaomi Redmi TV to launch soon: 2 sizes, 4k resolution, affordable price!

Is this going to revolutionise the 4K TV market?

Earlier this morning, Xiaomi TV division leader Li Xiaoshuang posted on microblogging site Weibo hinting that Redmi TV is coming.

xiaomi redmi tv weibo post

Li Xiaoshuang said on Weibo: “Today with Lu Weibing, I found that Redmi team is pretty good and everyone should pay attention to what they are working on.” Lu Weibing forwarded Li Xiaoshuang Weibo with a separate caption of his own.

If this does not explain anything, then later Xiaomi Group Vice President, Supply Chain Leader, Zi Mi CEO Zhang Feng forwarded the two people’s Weibo:

“Redmi TV has a strong team and has outstanding performance in terms of image quality, sound effects and systems. It will take others time to reach the level of Xiaomi TV. Li Xiaoshuang cheered saying don’t give the opportunity for others to catch up.”

Obviously, the official is strongly suggesting that Redmi TV is coming soon.

cqcc xiaomi redmi tv

In fact, Xiaomi Redmi TV has appeared on the website of the National Quality Certification Center of China. The product certification certificate shows that the Xiaomi Redmi TV was issued certification on July 19th, and the product model is L70M5. It is produced by TPV Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. It is expected to be available for sale as soon as possible in September this year.

According to new breaking news, Xiaomi Redmi TV on debut will have two sizes, 40 inches and 70 inches, both of which will have 4K resolution. So guys let us know in the comments section below if you are excited about the upcoming Xiaomi TV or not?

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Xiaomi Redmi TV to launch soon: 2 sizes, 4k resolution, affordable price!

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