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Xiaomi Increases the Warranty Period of Some Models in India Upto 2 Years Stating Hardware Failure Issues!

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As per reports from multiple sources, Xiaomi recently announced that some of its models sold in the Indian market were experiencing system UI and proactive failures.

In response to this, Xiaomi has taken a step to address the issue by extending the warranty period for these affected models from one year to two years.

As stated by Xiaomi, the following models are eligible for the extended warranty:

Xiaomi has acknowledged that the above-mentioned models have been facing certain hardware failures. For instance, the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max has been reported to have system UI damage which affects its performance, and its front camera is not functioning properly.

Similarly, the POCO X3 Pro is experiencing boot problems which have been a major concern for its users. The Mi 11 Ultra, on the other hand, has been facing Wi-Fi connection failures which have been causing disruptions to its users. Given the above issues, Xiaomi has taken a proactive step to ensure that its customers are not left stranded.

By extending the warranty period, Xiaomi is demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction and is taking measures to address the concerns of its users. This move is expected to boost the confidence of its customers and strengthen its brand reputation in the Indian market.

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