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Zlauncher for Android download and review

Zlauncher for Android download and review

Android is the de facto operating system for majority of smartphones these days. We can see that the market for Android customization is really growing fast. There are a wide variety of launchers and add-ons to improve upon the existing functionality of the website. We even covered the Aviate launcher when it came for the first time, then recently we gave a way to everyone on how to install Google now launcher on their android devices.  This time we are doing Zlauncher for Android download and review regarding how it stands out from the others and the good features it has.

Zlauncher for Android download and review : Features and usage.

The Zlauncher is an adaptive home screen launcher, it learns from the users usage patterns and behavior. I would say it’s like a more powerful, refined and adaptive version of Fastlane which Nokia offers for it’s Asha series of phones.
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It learns with time the most frequently used apps and also keeps a note of the time of the day when different apps are being used. Then it builds its intelligence with time and it also learns when you contacted the people in your contact list and which web pages you visited. Then depending upon what your preferences are the launcher shows its contextual services and displays only the content and apps that you are most probably going to use at any given point of time.

The Working of Z launcher : 

zlauncher for android start screen
The way this launcher works is really different and unique from the others. This is because it only requires you to draw the first letter of any app’s name to bring a specific app to the forefront. The app is limited right now to only a specific subset of users. It is currently a pre-beta release app and is currently available to users who are on Android 4.1 Jellybean or higher. It has been specifically customized to run better for the Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and the Nexus 5.
zlauncher homescreen

You can download the Nokia Zlauncher from the official website here.


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