ZOTAC Announces Participation in COMPUTEX 2024 with New Gaming Handheld

ZOTAC unveils the ZOTAC GAMING ZONE handheld and new ZBOX models for COMPUTEX 2024, featuring AMD Ryzen APUs and innovative design.

On May 30, ZOTAC announced that the ZOTAC GAMING ZONE handheld would be based on AMD Ryzen APU, according to German media ComputerBase.

ZOTAC has revealed its participation in the 2024 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX), starting June 4, where they will present the ZOTAC GAMING ZONE handheld among other new products.

The ZOTAC GAMING ZONE handheld is ZOTAC’s first venture into high-performance handheld gaming devices. It features an ergonomic design, a 7-inch AMOLED high-refresh multi-touch display, and a two-stage trigger lock.

While specific configurations have not been disclosed, ZOTAC emphasizes that the handheld is “designed for gaming enthusiasts with high-end hardware specifications.”

Additionally, ZOTAC will showcase new ZBOX models, including the ZBOX EGB A3500 external GPU box, equipped with an NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada Gen workstation graphics card, providing additional graphical computing and AI acceleration for Thunderbolt 3 compatible devices.

Other ZBOX devices on display will include previously reported CI671 nano, MI672, and the new MAGNUS models.

In the server segment, ZOTAC will present the ZOTAC BOLT workstation, capable of housing up to 2 Intel fifth-generation Xeon scalable processors and 2 GPUs, as well as a rack-mounted server supporting up to 10 GPUs.

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ZOTAC Announces Participation in COMPUTEX 2024 with New Gaming Handheld

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