Since it was started in 2011, Inspire2Rise has maintained a high level of transparency. We operate under a tight code of conduct which makes sure that our integrity is not compromised and at the same time proper journalistic codes are followed while covering any topic.

Earning the trust of our readers and maintaining it is the core of our identity. In a world where the lines between independent journalism and advertisement are constantly blurring, we do our best to label content accordingly and make sure that our readers can trust that whatever they read on Inspire2Rise is unbiased and follows the highest guidelines of ethics.

Independence of our Writers/Editors/Contributors

One of the core features of Inspire2Rise is that our Editors and writers are independent of external influences.

Our Independence stems from the strict code of conduct that we follow here at Inspire2Rise. The code of conduct includes but is not limited to:

  • We don’t accept gifts from PR companies as such. When we are given keeper review units they are usually for long-term reviews/giveaways or multiple videos. In any such case, we properly disclose such information in our video reviews/articles.
  • We never accept any prior conditions for coverage of stories, if we do any sponsored stories they are labelled as such and are not presented as normal news/reviews.
  • We don’t allow our editors/contributors to cover companies/people where they might have a personal interest/conflict.
  • We don’t allow the people who are interviewed here the ability to choose questions of their liking.
  • We don’t invest in any of the companies we write about.
  • Our content is properly segregated between normal content and sponsored stories via tags and mentions.

We accept transportation charges from the companies which invite us to our events as we are still a small startup. We accept embargoed items provided to us by several companies before they are launched, as this helps us to better cover the products. In the case of paid trips, we don’t allow the hosts to control any coverage. They pay for the hotels, transportation and food expenses but our coverage is still unbiased and fair irrespective of how good/bad we are treated. Such conduct allows us to better serve the interests of our audience.

Professional conduct

In addition to following a code of guidelines that preserve our editorial independence we also follow a code of professional conduct for everyone who works for Inspire2Rise. This ensures that people who tip us with information are safe, and we maintain the secrecy of our news sources in case they don’t want to be public. Any company that provides information under embargo is always on priority and we make sure to never leak any such info, either via our publication or via any other third party.


Inspire2Rise serves Google AdSense based ads on the main website and our YouTube channels Inspire2Rise and Inspire2Hindi. Any sponsored content on our website as well as YouTube channel carries appropriate labels and disclosures for the same.

Our Sponsored content or Advertisements are not a reflection of the views/opinions held by our contributors or our Editorial teams.

Some of our content may contain marketing or affiliate links. But the purpose of our content is not to solely drive traffic or revenue from the same. Our Affiliate links carry proper disclosure with them as to how and when we might benefit from them.

We also remove any content from our site and our videos if we believe they might infringe upon the copyright of some third party or are not in compliance with some existing law or regulation.


We often receive review units for the purpose of making videos/editorial content on them. Most of these products are returnable and we never bargain our review content for a keeper unit.

Reviews on Inspire2Rise web properties are honest and representative of the opinions of our team independent of any external influence.

Employment criteria

Journalists writing for Inspire2Rise on editorial positions cannot write for any other publications. Contributors can come from any walk of the society.


We conduct giveaways from time to time. The terms and conditions for every giveaway are bound to change depending upon the nature of the contest. All our winners are picked randomly and the people who are found faking entries are disqualified immediately.

Giveaways might be sponsored by some third party brands in many cases but they should never be considered as an endorsement of the same. They don’t reflect our stance on that particular product and should only be considered as a contest.

Inspire2Rise Partnership Firm Investors

Inspire2Rise is a self-funded entity and currently, we don’t have investors as such. All of the gear and materials we use for creating our content is self-funded. We invest our profits to grow ourselves. If you are someone who is looking to invest money in our endeavour and your ideas resonate with our core mission of providing quality tech content then do reach out to us!


We are always interested to hear your take on what’s important. You can always contact us here.