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As new gadgets, means of communication, forms of entertainment etc. continue to evolve so does our coverage of the same and our repertoire of how it will affect you and should you even care about it.

The world is changing rapidly as technology advances at breakneck speeds. So are we, and we invite you to be a part of this journey as we offer you a front seat for all the breakthroughs happening in tech throughout the world.

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The Team

Aditya Nath Jha

Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi. He is a full-time YouTuber, professional blogger and when he's not busy working here you can find him playing his guitar and singing songs.

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Mayank Sharma
Editor in Chief

Mayank Sharma loves to experience and learn about new gadgets and technology. He believes new technology is not good or evil by itself. It's all about how people choose to use it!

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Ketan Jha

Ketan Jha is an aspiring writer who loves everything beautiful and is always eager to inspire and motivate people! He loves latest gadgets and technology and using Whatsapp all day!

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Jayaditya Chakrabarty

An android fan who is often found playing Counter-Strike in his free time, wannabe photographer, Engineering Graduate!

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Ankit Jha

Ankit is a geek from New Delhi who loves smartphones, games and everything tech. When he's not busy writing here you can find him playing PUBG on his phone!

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