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is a multi-niche website with content ranging from the mundane to the classic. All the content here are the sole views and property of the creators. Inspire2rise.com is your one stop for all of your reading needs, no matter how bizarre they maybe.


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Cacheable.co is a website speed optimization service provided by Aditya Nath Jha from Inspire2rise.com. It is a one time free service for everyone with    further charges for paid support.



by Ashwani Kumar Singh is a tips and tricks website with PC and internet tips and tricks, Windows 8 tips, PC software, antivirus and social media.



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is an online Bollywood, movies, shows and other entertainment news portal managed by Satender Rajput. The website is perfect for movie buffs of all kinds and ages.




We have our focus on providing you with the most latest motivational and humorous pictures, tech reviews, trolls, inspirational articles, blogging tips, gadget reviews, infographics and much more.
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Inspire2rise is a multi-niche website with focus on covering the latest in the world of blogging, technology, web design and development. And pretty much everything under the sun.

Whether you are old or young, male or female, from any country but you have that thing we are looking for and that is your spark, come here and share it with us maybe someday the world will sit up and notice. Submit your articles here.

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We have our focus on providing latest original pictures, inspiring talks and information on current trends as well as showcase the flair of different people. No content shall be copied from here, one who does so shall be liable for legal action and some of the informative articles here are from other news sites and no content copyright infringement is intended.

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I am an aspiring engineer from New Delhi, I am a blogger, writer, lyricist, composer, singer, artist, tech enthusiast and much more  !!

My name is Aditya Nath Jha and I believe that we write our own fate, if you are here then maybe it was a twist of fate which would help you in unraveling a hidden secret for your day , just search for it will come out to help you at the right time and the right place. The world is a round place, what you will do to others will definitely come back to you. Do good, stay good.

 Only “LUNATICS” possess the power to change the world, because the rest are too busy protecting their sanity ! _ A.N.J

Inspired to rise! Yesterday, today and tomorrow!!!

_A.N.J (aka Aditya Nath Jha) 

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