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submit a story inspire2rise founded in 2011 is a multi-purpose website with content ranging from Inspiration down to Smartphone buying guides, with a mix of games, news, blogging tips, technology, gadget reviews and a lot more thrown in the mix.

To submit a story send an email to :

  • A7N7J7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Or try using the below form :

Include image links in the story writing area only. Try and make the story as appealing and informative, as well as humorous at the same time. We don’t accept bland articles with no personal reflection present in them. You will get only one link back to any of your profiles or your website [ no-follow]. This is so because we have our focus on content and we are not trying to build a link farm of links pointing to unknown websites over here. All that we are seeking is someone trying to share what he really feels is great.

Benefits of getting published on Inspire2rise

You can get the following benefits if you submit a story to

  • Reach a broad minded audience which likes to interact and build relationships with the content creators.
  • Explore your writing skills and see if you can actually make a yawning reader base jump on its seats.
  • Continuous exposure and promotion as admins here keep promoting posts, even the old ones. *If they are good enough.
  • Get paid. P.S that would happen only if we find you are worthy enough and trust us we would make you work like an ass. 😛

Rules for getting published on Inspire2rise

  • Strictly no promotional back links. No promotional back links at all.
  • No hate speech or biased views regarding any topic. No abuses to the administration of the site. ( I agree we are a bit nosy. But seriously no abuses. )
  • No pornography. Keep within limits of decent behavior, don’t uses explicit speech or any cuss words.

Well that’s all folks, happy posting.

“Only the best shall have the stage!”

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