AMD 5000 series ThreadRipper CPU coming soon!

AMD threadripper 5000 series CPU will contain a 16-core version too!

Recently, @1usmus, the developer of the AMD Ryzen Clock Tuner tool, released an encrypted code, indicating that after decryption, you can get clues to AMD ThreadRipper 5000 series CPU.

amd ryzen threadripper 5000 leaks

This code is: 47454e4553495320313620434f524553. Tech publication VideoCardz indicates that this is a piece of hexadecimal data, after being converted into ASCII code, the output result is “GENESIS 16 CORES “. 

This means that the new generation of CPUs will include 16-core models, while the current third-generation Zen2 architecture Threadripper has only 24-core, 32-core, and 64-core options.

Sources said that the 5000 series of Threadripper will have a different code name called “Chagall”. The GENESIS in the decrypted information represents the name of the platform itself. 

Another explanation is that GENESIS is the code name of the entry-level EPYC processor, and this series will have a 16-core CPU. However, the whistleblower later mentioned the sTRX4 interface, which is only used by the current Threadripper CPU, so it can be confirmed that the 16-core CPU in the decrypted information is the next generation ThreadRipper.

We already know that AMD’s first-generation 1900X had only 8 cores, and the second-generation 2920X had 12 cores; for the third-generation ThreadRipper, the minimum core count was increased to 24 cores.

AMD’s next-generation 16-core design is expected to bridge the gap between ordinary Ryzen CPUs and Threadripper because even the cheapest 3960X processors currently sell for as high as 1 Lakh INR plus.

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AMD 5000 series ThreadRipper CPU coming soon!

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