How to Enable the Word Count in Google Docs

Here’s how to enable the word count in your favourite online tool!

Whenever you are writing a specific document word count helps you stay aligned with your goal. By enabling this feature you can write seamlessly so you don’t have to stop while writing documents. Having a word count on display while writing also allows you to keep track of how much more you need to explain a topic. For students who need to submit term papers or other research documents with hard word limits, such a feature can come in handy. People who write for a living like Freelancers or Copywriters also require something like this feature, which can ease their day-to-day operations. So here are all of the steps you need to follow in order to enable the Word Count feature in Google Docs.

Why is Google Docs not displaying the word count?

The Word Count in Google Docs is simply not enabled by default but you can easily enable it.

How do you enable the Word count?

how to open new document on Google docs
The Google Docs HomePage.
  • If you are on the Mobile App, open Google Docs and select the new document
  • open new document in the mobile app version of google docsOn PC navigate to “Tools”, click on “Tools” and then select “word count”.

What is the Shortcut to show Word Count in Google Docs?

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C on a Windows PC or Command+Shift+C on a Mac.   enable word count 1

How to show Word Count on the Mobile Google Docs App?

  • On the mobile app tap on three dots then the word count.

three dots on mobile how to open the word count on google docs android app

How to show the Google Docs Word Count on PC?

On PC Check The box for Display word count while typingdisplay word count

  • On the App, it will show the word count of the whole document

word on google docs app Or you can see the word count of the selected text. selected text selected text word count

Are there differences between Word Count on PC and Mobile?

Note: You cannot display the word count on-screen on the app like the PC version.

      • On the PC You will then find the word count box at the bottom left of your document

word count box is at bottom left corner

      • By default, it will only show the word count.
      • If you wish to display another option click on it and select it will stick in the box

display of various options   For more productivity, you can get extension add-ons that are useful for plugging gaps in functionality and adding new features and options, One such add-on is the Word Counter Max.

How to download the Word Count extension for Google Docs?

  • At the top of the page click extensions >Adds-on – get to get adds-on the google docs
  • In the search field, type Word Counter Max.

  • The next step is to log in with your Google account and allow adds-on for Google Docs

allowing access to adds-on

  • After that, you can find the word counter max in the extension tab

how to find word counter max

  • Here is the word counter max for Google Docs.word counter max

What is the difference between “Default Word Count” and “Word Counter Max”?

Word counter max comes with handy features, unlike default word count. It is goal-oriented, it lets you set a target of total word count and session count if you are working on long-term projects such as writing a book, research paper, and personal diary. You are able to set exclusions to ignore certain text.

word counter max exclusion list

It is also handy in keeping track of everyday progress, you can generate detailed reports, estimate reading time, and add footnotes to the word count. Those little things can add up to make a big difference.

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How to Enable the Word Count in Google Docs

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