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  1. Hey Adi,
    Simply great article and I think I should now start working on DA also…
    Cheers.. 🙂

  2. Hey Adi,
    Simply great article and I think I should now start working on DA also…

  3. Nice article bro…Thanks for sharing these cool tips. Now, I will concentrate on DA more 🙂

  4. Hi Aditya,
    Nice post. I have a specific question about my website.
    It has been 1 and 1/2 months to my website since it went live and have built 140+ good back-links but still my site DA is 1.
    Can you please help me to understand what could be the possible reasons for not increasing my site DA?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Ya it’s really a ultimate guide to Domain Authority. No I have no doubt. Really amazing explanation… thanks for sharing this

  6. Hi,
    You have presented a complete post, by not just telling about the ways to increase DA but equally how it is calculated. The tips are really great and I going to follow them . Thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about increasing domain authority, it obviously gets more and more important how your website ranks these days in search results. Really enjoyed reading your article.

  8. Instead, we must look at the bigger picture of today’s SEO — it’s content

    marketing. And you can only win in the other areas — domain authority,

    traffic, organic search results, and ranking — by focusing on your content.

  9. What is the difference to old advices from 2010 or 2007? good content, lot of good backlinks, good inbound structure, fresh content, keyword variations,…
    are not PA and DA only buzzwords?

    1. No there is something new on the horizon, and that is relevancy. Relevancy of everything now dictates whether it’s quality stuff or not. Relevancy of backlinks, relevancy of content in relation to the context and this is the thing that now defines how fast your domain authority would improve and nopes PA and DA aren’t buzzwords, they are proper metrics which track the amount of effort being put into any website and the amount of traction it receives! 😀

  10. This is the best outline I have ever read. I have been reading other articles which does not give much details. Most of them recommend black hat seo which is suicidal. Thank you so much.

    1. Black hat seo just for the sake of increasing domain authority by boosting other stats is a short lived strategy. You must be an effective user of black hat strategies combined with ethical practices if you are really keen on using them, otherwise using only black hat tactics and tools would lead to a sad dismissal of rankings and authority in the long run!

  11. Hello! Thank you so much for discussing about domain authority in detail. I believe that Google is not giving more priority to websites with good domain authority. This means that it is now putting more weight to the social signals of the website as well as their quality content. Talk about cleaning the face of the world wide web free from spam – and that is just what Google is doing now with its most recent updates.

  12. Yeah it’s really an ultimate guide to Domain Authority. I have no doubts. Really amazing explanation… Big thanks Boss Aditya, for sharing this post…!

  13. I think writing small but helpful articles are going to work more well in search engine.
    I have analysed that even if you have not so high DA, if you have a lower click through rate in analytics, you are going to rank up because you write helpful articles. Length does not really matter.

  14. hi dude,
    thanks for this post.. my blog is new one and im looking to improve my DA… this post will surelly help me a lot…

    can you tell me how many months it will take to reach DA 25+ , if i make HQ PR backlinks and posts ?

  15. I agree with each and every point of this article. Domain Authority is unique metric to check domains Power, but it is mainly important from Advertising point of view as advertiser love to check this metric before reaching out to for paid advertising. So, in simple, High DA doesn’t guaranty High ranking or Vice-Versa, But still there are many who, take domain Authority as a direct ranking factor, specially newbies. So, for all those, this is the perfect guide, to understand, what domain authority is and it’s importance.

  16. Well, I am new to this field, and recently got to know, that Domain Authority is a vital factor, as it increases the reputation of our blog in advertisers eye’s, but I was not aware of the fact, How can I increase domain authority quickly.

    Now, after reading this article, I have a little bit of confusion, Will nofollow links help me increase DA or not?

    And how much time it will take my blog to get good domain authority?

  17. Improving Domain Authority is proving very difficult task for me, I was wondering how, Domain authority 40 can be achieved.

    But recently getting help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA,

    Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?


  18. Yes Yes, you are correctly pointed out every things perfectly to increase the domain authority. I am also doing the same things to increase my website domain authority. Let see what happened in months. I will get back to here to update the things what i have got from your tips…



  20. Really impressive stuff. For one of my client, I need to work on improving their DA. After going through these steps, my mind is full of ideas on what I need to do on their site correctly to improve their domain authority. Thanks!

  21. Hello,

    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

    So, where I am going wrong? Does I need to create links in bulk to get high Domain Authority?

    If yes, then How many links to need to get?

    I am not sure what to do.

    looking for quick response.

    1. Posting frequency should be good alongwith link building frequency for your website. If you keep on doing like this then only will your domain authority would improve. Try to get varied social signals on your post by sharing them on bloggers blogs, websites etc. made by you. Make more web 2.0 links for more link juice!

  22. Hi,
    Thank you for this helpful post.
    Can please tell me whether no follow links can increase Domain Authority?

  23. Hi Aditya,

    Thank you very much for sharing a nice post on domain authority.

    I have 1 doubt, To increase domain authority whether we need root level backlinks or page level backlinks?

    As in my post my valuable content is published in sub pages, and the authority of that page is increased but the domain authority is not increased.

    Please guide us based on your experience

    Vijay Bhabhor

    1. Yeah you guessed it right bro, it’s very vital to have root level backlinks in order to have a great domain authority. Page level backlinks help in individual post ranking but the root level backlinks have most impact on the domain authority.

  24. Thank you very much Aditya for this informative and helpful post. I need to increase my website DA. I think this post will helpful for me.

  25. Thanks for the great information for free, i been trying to increase DA to my website (Forever)the right way, i think; i have to many links that are no follow, so i’am not seeing a increase in DA, but thanks for some great knowledge, it was needed

  26. despite having good internal Linking and good content, Most of my sites Domain Authority is around 15-20 which I think is not good, as I love to attract more advertisers and without having Good Domain Authority, it is tough to attract high paying advertisers.

    So, what basically, I want to ask here, is there any way to increase Domain Authority quickly, I mean in 2-3 Months?

  27. Thanks! This post has helped me greatly to understand DA and how to improve it. Getting backlinks is hard but I was told to try with guest posting; perhaps responding to queries on HARO/Source Bottle, too. I’ll give it a try.

  28. Yes right, I agree with these all points. In traditional language people call “customer is king” and in online world, we call content is king Therefore we can say “content is the greatest asset for any website.

  29. Aditya, good stuff!
    Have you ever done any research on how accurate DA really is as a ranking factor?
    During the last 2 years I did a lot of work on my site on SEO, content and (white hat) link building. I improved my site’s ranking to be in the top 3 Google results for most relevant keywords and increased traffic by 1000% (yes, no typo, the site had not much traffic before). – Still my DA actually fell from 21 to 19 during that time.
    So, I wonder how important DA really is.

    1. DA only matters for people who are looking to reach you out for promotions or affiliate programs or other paid activities. Otherwise, if you are raking in the traffic and money’s flowing then you can safely ignore the DA metric. But with Alexa now retired, and no Google Pagerank and other similar tools Moz’s DA is the final thing left that advertisers and potential clients will check before pitching you anything, so it’s in any webmaster’s best interests to get that number up!

  30. Improving Domain Authority is proving a very difficult task for me, I was wondering how Domain authority 40 can be achieved. But recently got help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA, Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?

    1. High Domain Authority definitely means that your ranking will be better. Domain authority is a metric which actually shows your ranking potential compared to some other website. For example a website with DA 90 is more likely to rank for the same article as opposed to a website with DA 50.

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