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Get the best of music experience with Spotify!

Music is an expression of life. A lot of people still prefer to pirate music over buying it. But in recent times, a lot of music applications have sprung up. These applications have allowed people to access all genres of music irrespective of country/nationality at a very low cost. One such app is the Spotify application, learn how you can download Spotify Apk.

Spotify boasts of an impressive music library, a great catalogue of international artists. You can find artists on Spotify which you won’t find anywhere else. A lot of music is sometimes only Spotify exclusive and this speaks volumes about the platform. In today’s post, we will talk about how you can download Spotify Premium APK for free and without any root required for your Android smartphone.

A lot of actions are restricted in the Official Spotify application if you are not a premium user. By using the Spotify Premium Apk latest version available here you can easily get those features for free. The premium application would run on the majority of Android devices out there. Using the Spotify Premium APK you can easily keep your favourite tracks offline in the Spotify Application on your smartphone. You can keep your entire library offline and won’t have to worry twice about your songs not playing when you lose connectivity.

Spotify Premium APK Free Download 

If you are also a music aficionado like me then Spotify apk would be one of your go-to applications for listening to music. Spotify is a well-known international music, video, and podcast streaming service. It was launched quite some time ago officially on the 7th of October 2008. In today’s article, we will talk about how to get this most popular music application in all its glory on your Android device for free. Apple Music is a great application and has even overtaken Spotify in terms of the total number of users in the USA. But if we talk about International numbers and the availability of vast amounts of music Spotify is still the undisputed king.

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Due to some geographic limitations, the official Spotify Premium apk 2023 is not available in a vast number of countries. Due to this issue, a lot of users head to third-party websites in order to get some family member plan from someone residing in a country where Spotify is available. But to overcome this issue you can always use the Spotify Premium APK latest version in order to listen to and discover the best music available online.

What is the Latest Spotify Premium APK 2023?

Spotify Premium 8.4 Latest APK Free Download (No Root) 2023

We told you explicitly before in the article itself that the official app has been restricted in a lot of countries including India for reasons which are well beyond the scope of this small article. Spotify works on a revenue-sharing basis with the artists. A lot of Spotify’s revenue comes from the advertisements and Spotify-recommended music that is played for free users.

A lot of people residing in countries with restricted Spotify access often resort to methods like using a premium VPN service or some other methods which might not work in all cases. But using the Spotify Premium APK 2023 version you would be able to easily play all your favourite tracks along with getting access to all the Spotify library features. It will remove all of the geographical as well as app-based restrictions which are put by default on free Spotify users.

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Simply put, you would be able to do each and everything which is normally not allowed with the free official Spotify application using our latest Spotify Premium APK 2023. This app also supports a multitude of Android devices and only the really old devices with Android versions older than 4.1 or so might not be able to run this app.

You can make playlists of your choice, share them with your friends and get access to the latest albums by various artists and a wide variety of international music using the Spotify Premium APK 8.4.

Salient features present in the latest Spotify Premium APK 8.4:

Here is a comprehensive rundown of all of the top features present in the Spotify 8.4 mod apk latest version. We did skim over the surface and told you about some of them previously in the article but let’s delve a bit deeper and discuss them in more detail.

Some of the premium features include stuff like unlocked seeking, unlocked shuffling, unclocked track selection and a lot more. All of these are not normally available in the official Spotify APK.

user interface spotify iconEasy to Use User Interface

Spotify is one of the highest used music services worldwide. Hence the developers of Spotify Premium APK too kept the user interface in mind. So anyone using the app would always come back again and again for more music. There are a lot of relevant shortcuts and toggles which make the interface quite easy to use.

download spotify premium apk 2018 latestNo fixed Quota on Downloading

Using the latest Spotify Premium APK 2023 for Android you can easily download and store more than just one song that you like.
You also get social sharing options which allow you to share your playlists with your friends.

shuffle seek repeat spotifyFeatures like Seeking, Shuffling and Repeating are Unlocked

Yeah, the premium apk for Spotify allows you to unlock functions like shuffling, repeating as well as seeking within the application. This simply means that everything that was not earlier possible with the official app is now within the grasp of your fingertips.

spotify premium 2018 apk downloadNo more Annoying Ads

The biggest caveat of using the official Spotify application is the number of advertisements that creep in every time you try to listen to your favourite playlist.

The latest Spotify premium APK 2023 version provides you with an ad-free user interface. Advertisements often consume additional bandwidth and are often an annoyance to the users. Hence using the premium Spotify APK September 2023 version you can get access to this anti-ad feature.

high sound quality spotify premium apkPremium High Definition Sound Quality

Normally while using the official app for Spotify your sound quality choices are limited and you can never listen to music in Extreme quality. Spotify music quality ranges from Normal to high to the Extreme option. Extreme quality is equivalent to 320 kbps mp3 file format quality and is often one of the highest achievable sound qualities without compromising on storage.

The higher quality you choose the more storage you require to store that music.

storage savings spotify premium apkSave your precious storage

A lot of users use apps like Spotify, Apple Music or Gaana just because it allows them to save on storage. All of these services use the Internet in order to stream audio files, which means that apart from the cache files no music is actually being stored on your device. This, in turn, allows you to have more storage over a longer period of time.

So, guys, these were a few features of Spotify Premium Apk in 2023. Apart from the wide variety of features that we told you about you can also explore everything else that this app has to offer just by downloading it.

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How to download Spotify Premium 8.4 Latest APK (No Root) 2023 

This is the download section for the latest Spotify Premium APK for Android without Root. We have recently updated the link and in the rare case that it does not work please feel free to report in the comment box down below present at the end of the article. In the rare event that the link doesn’t work, we will fix it as soon as humanly possible.


Spotify Premium FREE latest version download link

The APK present above is the free version if you do wish to upgrade to the premium version you would have to shell out some money in order to upgrade to the same. But we have listed the newest and upgraded as well as mod version of Spotify which will allow you to save your precious hard-earned money.

File Download Information:

How to Install the latest Spotify Premium APK 8.4 On an Android phone?

The installation guide presented below is very user-friendly and the steps are easy to follow. So hold on your horses, the ride’s about to begin. If you have an Android smartphone which is not too old then you are good to go. Follow these simple steps and follow them step by step in order to avoid making any mistakes.

First Step: First, download the Spotify Premium Latest apk file that is present below in the downloads section. You also need to extract this file once you have downloaded it. If you already have the Spotify Application installed on your smartphone then uninstall it and then install the version present below.

Download From Here

Second Step: Go to the location where you saved our latest Spotify APK file and open it. Give it all of the required permissions which are needed and then install it on your smartphone.

spotify apk download link image
Spotify premium apk Download: Latest Version (NO ROOT)

Spotify Premium APK download 2023

Third Step: In this step, Spotify will ask you to make an account. But the good thing is that making a Spotify account is free and you need not pay anything for the sign-up process.

Spotify Apk 2018

Spotify Premium 8.4 Latest APK Free Download (No Root) 2023

Voila, you are now done! So now you can easily enjoy the Spotify premium experience on your Android smartphone. Go on then. Search for your favourite songs and blast them at the maximum volume.

How To Fix the Spotify Not Available In Your Country error?

This is a well-known fact that Spotify Official APK is only available in a few regions like the USA, Australia, the UK and a few European and other countries. If you are a Spotify user from India, or from any other country where the Spotify APK is not officially available then you need to use a VPN in order to start using the service for the first time.

By using a VPN app you can easily use the Spotify Premium APK on your Android phone. In this guide, we will tell you about the Hola VPN app which is free and is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

You can also use another VPN app like Turbo VPN but Hola works with ease hence we will tell you in detail about this one.

First Step: First, download and install the Hola VPN APK from the Play Store. You can also directly download the app here.

hola vpn for spotify premium apk
Fix Spotify not working in your country

Fix Spotify is Not Available In Your Country Error

Second Step: Open up the Hola VPN app on your Android phone once you have installed it. You will see a screen like the one below. Tap on the option that says “I got It.”

use hola vpn for spotify premium apk download
Spotify Premium 8.4 Latest APK Free Download (No Root) 2018

Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country issue

Third Step: Now, click on the settings in the Hola App, here choose your preferred location. You should choose a location like the UK, USA or Australia in order to use the Spotify premium service.

use hola to download spotify premium apk

Fix Spotify Not Available In Your Country error

Fourth Step: After you have selected a country of your choice, tap on “Spotify” in the Hola VPN app and now you would be able to use the premium Spotify APK without any issues.

Once all of the above steps are done, the process is over. This is the fastest way to fix the Spotify not available in your country error with ease if you are an Android Spotify app user. If you do face any other issues with the Spotify application then do write them down in the comments section below.

Really Important Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you are done reading this article and have a thorough grasp of the installation process you might encounter some errors. It’s not a big deal. Even the best of us face some issues once in a while. So here are a few of the most important questions that people ask and answers to the same.

  1. What is the best network connection for Spotify?
    Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming application. You can run it using any network connection like LTE, WiFi etc. But we would recommend a minimum speed of at least 384 kbps in order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. 512 Kbps is the standard internet speed nowadays. But in countries like India LTE might not provide you consistent speeds everywhere and hence we would recommend a WiFi connection for a consistent experience.
  2. Will my Spotify playlist be deleted?
    No, it won’t happen. Once you create a playlist in Spotify it would stay that way, saved in the app. Whenever you open the playlist section, your songs would be already, primed up and waiting for you. So you need not worry about that playlist you created.
  3. Is the Spotify App shared here the premium version?
    The app present here is a mod version and is available to all for free. You can call it a premium version for sure. But if you have enough money do consider buying the premium subscription as it helps the artists as well as the developers of this awesome application.
  4. Is this App legal?
    Yes, this application is completely legal because it contains all the documents and payment is also given to the right holders of each song to which you get to listen.
  5. How to reset the Spotify password for my account?
    You can always reset your Spotify password in case you forget it. Just go to the official Spotify website while using a VPN and use your User ID and email address in order to change your account password.
  6. Can I run the Spotify Mod APK on any Android smartphone?
    We already mentioned this quite a lot of times in our guide. This app will run on most of the Android smartphones which have been manufactured in the past few years. But if you use any Android phone with the latest version of Android it would definitely give you a better music experience.

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So guys, Spotify Latest Premium 8.4 APK Free Download September 2023 is a mod version of the official Spotify application which gives you all the premium features free of cost. If you are someone on a really tight budget then you can go for the mod APK file. In a lot of regions, Spotify is still not supported. For those people, a VPN often becomes essential in order to use even the free version. This more often than not ruins the whole Spotify experience. So using this mod app you can be free from using the VPN service all the time while using this app. Hence, the Spotify app provides you with quite a lot of value and saves you a lot of time and effort while listening to music.

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UPDATES: Please note that using Spotify Premium Mod APK is not legal to use and if you proceed you do it at your own risk. Spotify is banning accounts of people who have been using their service illegally. And if you are one of those people who are using a Spotify Mod APK then you can also experience a disruption in service at any given point in time. So if you have the money we suggest you support the developers and always buy the paid version of the app.

If you really wish to try this application then make a secondary account and then do so. Otherwise, you might get banned from your main account and we can assure you that it’s not a pleasant experience.

Last Updated on 1st January 2023.

So, guys, we hope that this post helped you and wish you have a great music-listening experience. Do bookmark our website and subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome articles like this one!

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Spotify Premium Apk Download [FREE] (Latest Version No Root)

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